Gods Almighty at the Oval!

Errol Fernando

The gods who fix matches are rubbing their hands with glee!!!  They fixed all the matches with consummate skill to achieve their ultimate god-almighty aim. First, they made sure that the best and worst teams were in the same group and were also the greatest arch-rivals in the world.


Next, they made sure that the worst team was absolutely annihilated by the best team in the preliminary match. They also made sure that England beat Australia and that Perera should drop a VITAL catch which eliminated Sri Lanka. Most importantly, they arranged that the best and worst would meet again in the Final, with everyone expecting Goliath to prevail!

Their greatest triumph was ensuring that Goliath won the toss and INSERTED the underdogs with no hope! From then it was a piece of cake for the underdogs. The batsmen played their part and then AMIR produced a spell that defied belief! Virat Kohli also played his part to perfection — making sure that he was OUT one ball after being DROPPED!!!

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