Slashing Clementine and Other Extremist Critics

 Gerald Peiris[1]

Remember the mighty Indians with ‘all time greats’ like God Tendulkar, Azar, Dravid, Viru, Ganguli et. al. losing disgracefully, first in Delhi and then in Calcutta (in 1996);[2] Sri Lanka hammering more or less the same team for 960 or so runs in Colombo;[3] and then, getting them for a paltry 54 in an ODI in Dubai (with Murali and Vaas breaking records in successive matches)? Why should SL, smaller than one-third the size of one of the smaller states in India like, say, Tamilnadu, be producing a succession of ‘all-time greats’ and ranking perpetually among the high flyers all the time?

I think these bloody critics like, say Rex in The Island, have got it wrong. They are destructive, probably being irrepressibly jealous about the money those who reach the top make. We should let these new guys — those showing great promise — to come up without destroying their self-confidence. As for the poor fielding, I think it is mainly due to the fact that most of these guys fear to risk their limbs (and their careers) on the hard surfaces with only a superficial covering of coarse grass which is what they have at ‘home’.

And, just took at the vicissitudes in that other ongoing series: SA vs. England.

And, this nasty Kohli is playing “the generous victor” after the match, condescending to pat the backs of some of our players. Quite disgusting.

The R. Premadasa Stadium scoreboard displays 952 for six by Sri Lanka against India at the close of play on the final day of the first Test on August 6, 1997. Sri Lanka set a new world record, eclipsing England’s 1938 record of 903 runs for seven declared against Australia at the Oval. © AFP/SENA VIDANAGAMA ……………


[1] Professor Peiris sent me this comment in response to the several news articles in Sri Lanka by SL sportswriters after the Galle Test match because some of these have been presented in my web sites. See specifically

* Rex Clementine: “Kohli praises Dimuth and PradeeP”, July 30, 2017, at … AND

Rex Clementine, “What Sri Lankans can learn from Abhinav Mukund”  at

* Sidharth Monga, Fleet-footed India outdo Sri Lanka in the Galle maze,’  at

[2] The reference here is to the two World Cup matches in 1996.

[3] In August 1996 at Premadasa Stadium when Sri Lanka amassed 952 for 6 in response to India’s 537 for 8 .



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