Percy! Percy! Gahapan Machaan, Boundary-Boundary!



  • Gahapaan machaan –boundary, boundary
  • Walles patau–goni, goni
  • Kavuda Raja! Aloysius Raja!

Winning or losing the cheering support was always there.

Whether Sri Lanka loses or meanders or wins –PERCY IS THERE.

Way back in the 1960s and 1970s hew was there with boundless energy — sprinting around the boundary whenever Sri Lankan batsmen smacked a four. That energy has waned. But not his philosophy of support and his cameraderie …. or his presence before a camera –any camera.

Let me remind you all; when Gamini Dissnayake returned from England in mid-1981 after having secured Sri Lanka’s entry into the ICC test ranks, there was guard of honour rolled out at the Katunayake airport…. and Percy was there with our flag.

A staunch supporter is Percy.

Percy at Galle -July 2017-Pic by Michael Roberts


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