Lankans castled by Astle and Kiwis ‘malinguered’ by MALINGA

Sri Lanka Innings

WIA Fernando…. b Astle …..6 ………..Over 6.4 bowled’m with a wrong’un! Avishka didn’t pick that up at all. It pitched around length outside off, turned in a fair bit and Avishka was on the back foot to steer it away after it turned away but it went the other way to knock over off stump 39/2
MD Gunathilaka ….. b Astle ………..30 …….Over 8.5 another wrong’un and another one beaten! ……This time it’s the well-set Gunathilaka. He pitched it nicely and slow with some flight on leg stump, Gunathilaka went back to defend it but the ball turned away and knocked over the stumps 50/3


“malinguered” refers to an in-dipping and swinging yorker perfected by a former beach cricket bowler named Lasith Malinga of Ratgama — a ball that has shattered and clattered many stumps or smashed toes to secure a painful lbw … and thereby remains indelibly etched in a batsman’s memory bank

New Zealand Innings

C Munro …….b Malinga………..12 …………………2.3 there comes Malinga’s 100th T20I wicket and he has bowled Munro again! Little similar to how he got Munro in the first T20I but this wasn’t a yorker. It was swinging in, in pitched on middle stump and it found the gap between Munro’s bat and pad to rattle the leg stump. What a sight that is for a fast bowler 15/1
HD Rutherford ……. lbw b Malinga………. 0…….2.4 loud, loud appeal first ball, it’s turned down and Malinga, the captain, has reviewed immediately. This one also to a left-hander, also swinging in, also missed by the batsman, and he’s hit right in front of leg stump after the ball pitched on middle. Ball-tracking says it’s hitting, the crowd erupts! It might have looked not out initially but seems like Rutherford took a tiny step towards middle stump which went in Malinga’s favour 15/2
C de Grandhomme……… he has done it, three in three, Malinga has taken a hat-trick when his team needs it the most! Dear o dear, they’re checking for the no ball and this is so close! The foot is pitching on the line and it seems like, on impact, a fraction of a tiny part of the heel was behind in the crease. It couldn’t have been closer than that without being a no ball. And how’s this for a hat-trick delivery: a searing yorker with late swing to an in-form Colin de Grandhomme who was squared up and the ball took the base of off and middle stumps. What a sight, what a bowler. He points to the number on his jersey in celebration. It says 99! 15/3
LRPL Taylor …….. lbw Malinga …… 0 ….. 2.6 FOUR IN FOUR! Is this the 2007 World Cup all over again?! Ross Taylor this time, and he gets the same treament – an unplayable yorker. He looked more still than de Grandhomme at the crease but it didn’t matter. This one is headed right for the foot, it swings late from around leg to middle stump and it sneaks under Taylor’s bat to get him plumb 15/4

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