Barmy Army’s Potent Brew in Sri Lanka 2018

Beer Consumption brings Barmy Army a Cricket Match with Lion  Brewery

Lion Brewery PLC hosted a friendly T20 cricket match between the Brewery and England’s Barmy Army at the Colts Ground in Colombo recently. The world renowned ‘Barmy Army’ squad was in Sri Lanka to support their home team at the recently concluded Sri Lanka tour…. Item in Island, 6 December 2018

The T20 cricket encounter was organized by Carson Cumberbatch in a bid to promote Sri Lankan tourism by giving the English fans an opportunity to interact with the locals through the game of cricket. The event portrayed the ambiance of an exciting cricket carnival, complemented with the rich flavours of Sri Lankan culture, local delicacies and lively entertainment.

The Barmy Army was founded in the mid 90’s as a group of supporters who cheered for the England team both at home and overseas. The ardent cricket aficionados from the UK, regularly follow the England cricket team offering inimitable support to raise their spirit, away from home. The Barmy Army not only supports their home team, but also organises tours and provides tickets for the matches played by the England cricket team, throughout the year.

Beer IN …. Beer OUT….So, it is a pissing queue

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