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Ilanks: “Isn’t there a Ben Foakes being discussed as a potential keeper for England. If he’s selected, England could have Stokes, Woakes and Foakes in the line-up!” Yes indeed. And wouldn’t that be A Thing?


Pradeep to Buttler, 2 runs, flicked off the pads to get things going once again

This is now the second-highest seventh-wicket partnership in ODIs… behind only Buttler and Adil Rashid’s tub-thumping stand against NZ at Edgbaston last summer

plunkett Plunkett’s Magical Moment 


Pradeep to Woakes, no run, back and across, worked to midwicket but a tight line keeps the damage down. A protracted over, but a good one for Sri Lanka

This stand is mildly reminiscent of Broad and Bopara’s rescue act to beat India at Old Trafford in 2007


Maharoof to Buttler, no run, dropped! A spank into the covers, all power, no finesse, and that would have been a stunning snaffle by Prasanna, at full stretch at short cover. Sharp work …


Prasanna to Buttler, OUT, what a catch! Buttler dragged the ball from outside off, aiming for the six over long-on, where Shanaka had to time his leap to perfection, and mind where he landed afterwards, to pull off a potential gamebreaker, He had just long enough to contemplate the enormity of that moment, too …

JC Buttler c Shanaka b Prasanna 93 (145m 99b 6×4 1×6) SR:


Maharoof to Willey, OUT, Willey finally makes contact but his attempted smear to leg ends up as a leading edge to deep extra cover! That might be a mercy … but what is this? This looks dangerously close to a no-ball. I’d give him the benefit, but it’s so tight… he’s out!

DJ Willey c Mendis b Maharoof 7 (17m 12b 0x4 0x6) SR: 58.33

The very epitome of marginal. But the original call was out, so I’m comfortable with that staying on-field. Here’s Plunkett. England realise they need boundaries, with the rate exactly 12

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