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A POWER INTERVIEW WITH SIR IAN BOTHAM …. courtesy of Sunday Leader, 16 June 2013

02(82)-bOTHAMAT MANKULAMQ: How long will the walk take?
Sir Ian: We have a fixed schedule where the walk will start in the North at Kilinochchi and finish in the south at Seenigama.  The walk will be split into several stages, each of about 20 miles, and spread over 8 days.

Q: How much money will you raise?
Sir Ian: I never set a target.  The problem with targets is that once you reach them then people stop giving.  I have raised over £13,000,000 (GBP 13 Million) for charity and not once have I ever set a target.

Q: Who will the money go to?
Sir Ian: The money will be raised in the name of Laureus and The Foundation of Goodness and will be used for the benefit of the people of Sri Lanka.  The main project is to build a Sports Complex in Mankulam.

sanga + botham walk talk

Q: Does Sir Ian sense a real willingness on the part of Sri Lanka to ‘move ahead’ post-war and to ‘get on with it’?
Sir Ian: I stay away from politics and concentrate on fund raising for charity.

Q: What will be different with this walk compared to the others you have undertaken.
Sir Ian:  Quite simply, the heat.  The other walks I have done have each had their challenges but I have never undertaken something like this in the sort of heat that is expected.  Lots of re-hydration will be required.

Q: It must be hard on the footwear also.  How may pairs of shoes do you expect to use?
Sir Ian: I will be wearing Nike Trainers for the walk.  The heat combined with the hard walking will bend the shoes out of shape.  I expect to use three pairs of shoes for the walk.

Q: How do you rate Sri Lanka as a tourist destination?  Will you ask your friends to visit Sri Lanka?
Sir Ian:  I love Sri Lanka.  I think it is a beautiful country, the people are warm and friendly, and it is a wonderful place to be.  Ever since I played in that inaugural test with Sri Lanka I have been back many times and visit as often as I can.

The Walk will start in the North, at Kilinochchi, and finish in the South at Seenigama.  
Day 01 – Kilinochchi to Mankulam
Day 02 – Mihntale to Anuradhapura
Day 03 – Sigiriya Rock to Dambulla
Day 04 – Matale to Kandy to Pinnawala
Day 05 – Kandy to Colombo
Day 06 – Hambantota
Day 07 – Matara to Galle
Day 08 – Galle to Seenigama



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