FOG and Laureus for community welfare in Mankulam

Following up on the previous reportge of the welfare project a in Mankulam mounted by the Foudnation of Goodness under direction from Kushil Gunasekera and the support of Muttiah Muralitharan, we are able to present a few more pictures pertaining to the Laureau Sports Foundation’s input and support for the project. These events occurred on the 3rd March 2011.

The media event was at the Taj Samudra in thee vening and i was lucky enough to be able to attend. The other pictures were snapped in the morning when the Englsih sportsmen and attending media personnel flew to Mankuam by Air Force helicopter,  means of transport that is certainly not available to you or me.  The photogrpahs were supplied by FOG. Michael Roberts

 Kushil is speaking and Christopher Martin-Jenkins, this years Preident of the MCC, is on his left. Note that, like the Laureus foudnation, the MCC has been heavily involved in supporting the Seenigama welfare project so Jnkins’s presence also spells some enhgegement in the future welfare activity at Mankulam. 




 Botham is batting, Michael Vaughan is the slip beyond yonder and Dean Wilson, cricket correspondent for the Daily Mirror in Canada, is the larger of the wicket keepers and is wearing a wig so that he will not be mistaken for a local.


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