The ANCHORMAN looks at Tamilnadu Political intrusions in the IPL

Trevine Rodrigo
Sri Lanka’s involvement in the IPL has aroused heated debate in the cricket mad country after the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu imposed a ban on any Sri Lankan cricketer playing in that state because of alleged human rights violations against the Tamil community in Sri Lanka. While the argument for and against Sri Lanka’s elite cricketers deciding to go ahead and play regardless rages, the consequence is a divided nation because of the riches of the IPL on offer for the cricketers.
Social media has been fair game for thousands of views on the matter, but the bottom line appears to suggest that the decision to play is a purely individual choice, based on a business decision devoid of political implications. But that itself opens up much conjecture.
GAYLESome comments from the cricketers was that their non-participation in protest will have little if not no effect on the competition organisers while die hard Sri Lankans feel that by playing in a competition such as this, appears to suggest that the cricketers are actually endorsing the South Indian stance. What perturbs most cricket fans is the fact that the Indian Government and its controlling Cricket body has so far refused to get involved giving a clear indication, that they themselves are partial to race discrimination against Sri Lankans.The ICC must make note of the activities going on in the Indian sub-continent and draw up contingency plans to deal with any Indian concerns during their inter action with other nations in the future, if this is how they deal with sensitive matters of this nature in their own back yard.
Sad contradictionThe up side to all of this, is that the IPL franchises appears to be disinterested in the political goings on and this is indicated by their respect for Sri Lanka’s stars three of which, Kumar Sangakkara, Mahela Jayawardene and Angelo Matthews have been given the honour of captaining their respective teams. It appears to be a sad contradiction that a country such as India who have for decades been crying foul over alleged racial discrimination against their cricket team by some other countries, have now decided to do the same against its neighbour.
Politics and sport should never be allowed to mix, no matter what.  The Indian government has now got the ball in its court.  It will be interesting to see how they play it.

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