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Packer vs the ACB: Haigh’s Revelations

Daniel Brettig, courtesy of ESPNcricinfo, … .. where the title reads “The story behind the story of the Packer affair”

In his acknowledgements for the first edition of The Cricket WarGideon Haigh admitted that “the person who wrote this book was not easy to like”. While he was talking mainly from the point of view of those who would help him put together this landmark chronicle of the World Series Cricket split, its origins and aftermath, there were many in Australian cricket at the time who chose not to like Haigh, or his book idea, in a manner that was both frustrating for the author and telling about the times in which he embarked on the task.

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A Forgotten Cricket-Shattering Moment: The First Night Game in Cricket!

Gideon Haigh in The Australian, 26 November 2015,  where the title is “The Night when Cricket left the Dark Ages”

 Barry and Len -Getty Images Barry & Len at Adelaide Oval today–recognize them do you?–Pic from Getty Images

“It was in Barbados.”

“No it was Trinidad.”

“It was Antigua, wasn’t it?”

“Are you sure?”

“Well, your memory’s better than mine.”

Lunch was into its third hour, and the memories were coming thick and fast. The Aussies made this many. So-and-so made that many. Thommo was this quick. Dennis was this good. Among a bunch of journos at a restaurant table in Adelaide, Ian and Greg Chappell, Barry Richards and Len Pascoe were rolling back the years on the subject of Kerry Packer’s World Series Cricket, suddenly apropos again on the eve of the inaugural night Test match. Continue reading

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