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Ranjan Mellawa’s Magnum Opus on Sri Lankan Cricket

Mahinda Wijesinghe, in Island, 19 May 2020, where the title runs “Winds behind the willows. An Encyclopaedic history of SL cricket with”warts and all,

  a rare photo taken in Colombo (October 1930) of S.P. Foenander, then the Sports Editor of ‘Ceylon Observer’, gifting a replica of the Dalada Maligawa in Kandy (Temple of the Tooth) to Don Bradman. Foenander is carrying Australian skipper Bill Woodfull’s son, Jack, in his arms. (Courtesy State Library of South Australia – PRG 682/16/108)

Almost a century ago, S.P.Foenander, referred internationally as the ‘Wisden of the East’, authored his 268-page classic tome ‘Sixty Years of Ceylon Cricket’ (Ceylon Advertising & General Publicity – 1924). That was the first book which authoritatively enlightened the cricket world about cricket and cricketers between the years 1863 to 1923, in the then fair isle of Ceylon. One must also remember that Foenander, who even rubbed shoulders with the legendary Bradman – see photo below- must have experienced the difficulties at that time in collecting/collating information and statistics and so on in compiling his book. After all, the print media at that time was not developed; TV nor Internet was not even thought of. In short sophisticated communication systems were not even in its infancy. So the accolade of being the pioneer of cricket journalism in Ceylon falls squarely on the shoulders of the late S.P. Foenander.

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Ranjan Mellawa’s Pursuit of Cricket Luv’ly Cricket

Elmo Jayawardena, with the title Winds Behind The Willows – The Full Monty to Cricket

One has to know something about cricket to enjoy this magnificent book. Suited me ideally as I do not know much about cricket matters but like almost all Sri Lankans I too am connected umbilically to international cricket and especially when the home country is at the crease. Let me try and express my views on author Ranjan Mellawa writing a book. I can categorically state that if not the bull’s eye, he certainly has hit pretty close to it as a new author in his maiden venture on cricket journalism.

The man has managed to vagabond his way to be present at six World Cup finals. That alone gives him credentials to be somewhat an expert on the international scene from a spectator’s point of view. Ranjan has been an ardent cricket fan. He’s played too, starting with a plastic bat as a kid to rustic cricket in neighborhood tennis-ball matches. From there he graduated to club level domestic league. Hence, his story begins at grass-root level and then blossoms and spreads wild and wide taking him to the world of international cricket as a die-hard knowledgeable fan. Continue reading

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How Hathuru changed the Bangladeshi Fortunes

Mohammad Isam, in, 3 August 2015, where the title is  “Biggest thing for me is the change in players’ mindset – Hathurusingha”

With ODI series wins against Pakistan, India and South Africa in 2015, Bangladesh coach Chandika Hathurusingha looks at the changes that are helping the side move forward. Following his appointment in May 2014, Bangladesh coach Chandika Hathurusingha had a crucial role overseeing the side’s World Cup campaign and three successful home series thereafter. On the final day of the second Test against South Africa, which was abandoned due to a wet outfield, Hathurusingha spoke to ESPNcricinfo about the side’s results in the last seven months, the change in the team’s mindset, how he spotted Soumya Sarkar and his future plans for the team.

The last few months have been great for you. How do you feel having coached this side since last year? It gives me great satisfaction at the way the boys responded to the challenges that we had before with us, and then changed the culture we had before, believing in themselves mainly. I was very satisfied as coach.

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Talking Cricket with Michael de Zoysa, II: Managing Team Camaraderie & Familial Companionship

Michael Roberts, courtesy of …. SEE

The previous administrations of SL cricket revealed considerable acumen in arranging a tour of New Zealand prior to the World Cup 2015. This meant that most of the Sri Lankan players were acclimatized to the conditions governing the Antipodes. There was a down side to this however. Coming on top of arduous ODI series in India and Sri Lanka, the physical demands on the regular players were considerable – so that one can inquire whether a few of the injuries suffered in the Antipodes were a product of overstrain (a thought that is difficult to answer).

Players, coaches and supporting staff cannot think, talk and sleep cricket all the time. They cannot be expected to live in each other’s pocket 24/7 … or even 15/7. Leisure and relaxation tailored to each man’s suite of desires are essential. Familial and female companionship are requisites for those with partners and/or children.

kumar and yehali Kumar & Yehali Sangakkara and their twins

DILSHAN Tillekreratne Dilshan & family Continue reading

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Talking Cricket with Michael de Zoysa, I: Managerial Tasks on Tour

Michael Roberts, courtesy of island.ckt …

When composing my essay on Russell Arnold in April last I rang Michael de Zoysa in Lanka in order to get some insights. In passing he indicated that he had just submitted his Manager’s Report on the Tour of NZ and Australia. When I met him for an extended chat in Colombo in late May he indicated that the new Interim Board had not sought him out to discuss this assessment or talk cricket.[1] Neither, it seems, have our ‘erstwhile’ reporters.[2]

MIKE DE ZOYSAMichael de Zoysa is a straight talker and is prepared to level criticism at one’s face. He does not wish his report to be buried. As it happens I know him well. So I can affirm that, apart from considerable executive experience in the private sector, he brings to the cricketing table something I totally lack: the ability to read and decipher turf wickets.** Succeeding the late Ranil Abeynaike he has overseen the management of the SSC grounds and its precious wickets for some time. Continue reading

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Kumar Dharmasena’s Unique Cricketing Record

Kumar Dharmasena was a member of Sri Lanka’s 1996 World Cup winning squad  … and may even have a wicket as trophy  …. and Yes he served as Umpire in the Finals of the 3015 World Cup at the MCG on 29th March 2015

KUMAR D- semi

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Four Momentous Steps for Future in Sri Lanka Cricket

ONE: New SLC Board:  Report courtesy of Wisden India, 3 March 2015 ….

Sidath Wettimuny, the former Sri Lankan opener, has been appointed head of a nine-member interim committee to carry out functions of Sri Lanka Cricket. The committee, established by Navin Dissanayake, Sri Lanka’s sports minister, will be effective from Wednesday (April 1) and function until an election is held or until further notice. Prakash Schaffter was appointed secretary of the interim committee while Lucille Wijewardena was made treasurer. Kushil Gunasekara and Kapila Wijewardena were named vice-presidents. Nuzki Mohamed, Prasanna Jayawardena, Jayananda Warnaweera and Duminda Hulangamuwa are the other members. SLC board SLC-sidath + Minister Navin Dissanayake

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“Thank You, Brendon … How to Play Cricket Fair –As Father to Son


Jonny Gilling

“I Would have Failed as a Father if my Sons Grew up to be like
Australian Cricketers David Warner, Mitchell Johnson,
 James Faulkner and Brad Haddin,

intimidation ckt Grant Elliott cops a mouthful from Brad Haddin, James Faulkner and substitute Pat Cummins

To Brendon McCullum, the Black Caps and their coaching staff, I want
to say thank you.

My wife and I moved from New Zealand to Africa just under three years
ago to be the directors of an orphanage. While it was never our plan
(my idea was to devote several years to something good and then come
home and get on with my own life plan), because of the need where we
are, we ended up taking a baby into our home.

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A Challenging Voice about the SCG Toss

ICC should ensure transparency at the toss | DailyFT – Be Empowered

www.ft.lk600 × 291Search by image

The ICC needs to ensure greater transparency during the coin toss to avoid a repeat of what happened at the SCG yesterday.
SCG coin toss 11


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Australia vs Sri Lanka at the SCG: Six Critical Moments

A = RAMSEYAndrew Ramsay, 9 March 2015, courtesy of CRICKET.COM.AU where the title is “The Six Moments that Mattered,”

A costly catch, a golden innings and a clash of titans headline the memorable moments from the SCG. In bald terms, Australia’s 64-run victory that pushes them ahead of Sri Lanka on the Pool A points table and eases concerns about a potentially awkward quarter-final match-up would appear emphatically conclusive. But for all the imposing size of their total of 376 and the contributions of most batsmen, the Australians received more than the occasional scare as Sri Lanka took turns to pummel one of the competition’s best credentialed bowling attacks.

Here’s a handful of memorable moments from a hugely entertaining hit-out. Continue reading

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