Harry Solomons, the Sri Lankan Aussie “Invincible” from St. Aloysius, Galle

Harry Solomons, the Aloysian Australian Invincible, in Australian colours…. the same combination as his alma mater, St, Aloysius, Galle …. playing for Australia’s Over Seventies against New Zealand this February 2020 –where, he says, “we  beat NZ in our only 70s International on tour…… [and]  I played the full 6 matches on tour”. Harry then presents snapshots of the “emotional cap ceremony.”

The Crest and Motto for the Jesuit school, St. Aloysius, Galle

Harry was boarded at St. Aloysius in the 1950s and early 60s; and played for the team in his final years. As a young lad I recall that he could rarely be separated from his beloved cricket bat. He was widely and fondly referred to as “Hassett” — because he was a spitting image (albeit less wizened).

Lindsay Hassett walks into pavilion after batting at the Colombo Oval in 1953 during their whistle-stop match

Hassett as soldier and then in 1948 with the Aussie Invincibles

Harry aka “Hassett” with Mahela, Pauline, Kushil and Lal at some Australian cricket ground

Harry and Rangana Herath as brothers-in-arms …. and seen below at the Foundation of Goodness founded and run by Kushil Gunasekera — a charity that he has supported in numerous ways and especially with sporting goods from his Kingsgrove sports shop

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