Marvellous Mathews …. Fielding Marvels at Sooriyawewa

SW Ambris  …..             run out (Mathews/Udana)         17

12.2 sensational fielding, and a run out breaks the partnership. I think this one is on Shai Hope. He clips this one square of midwicket and he thought he had beaten Angelo Mathews, but Mathews leaps to his right and cuts that one off. Hope has called Ambris through for a single, but seeing suddenly that Mathews has the ball in hand, he changes his mind. Only, Ambris is two thirds down the pitch now. Hope scampers back to the striker’s end, and Ambris is nowhere as the throw comes in from Mathews, and the bowler Udana takes the bails off. Hope might even had made it had he committed to the run. 64/1

35.1 that’s it for Pooran. Mathews again, with a sublime piece of fielding. This is slowed down from Sandakan, and Pooran is into the sweep too early, and the ball takes the top edge and floats towards midwicket. Mathews, at square leg, has a little bit of time as it hangs in the air, but a lot of ground to make up as well. Sprints full tilt to his right, then at the last moment kicks up his heels and puts in a dive to get his hands on this. Fantastic catch, and you think West Indies’ last real hope may have gone 158/7

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EMAIL COMMENT from GAMINI AMERASINGHE IN ADELAIDE, 26 Feb 2020Gamini observed that Angelo Mathews was the first fielder to take a running catch on the boundary ropes and  throw it up and back as he stepped out … and then return to the field to finalize the catch as a legal one and not a six. I certainly recall the moment BUT not where and when.


PIX from Daily Mirrror



Further to my earlier  email, I searched for that catch, but what I  got was an equally good fielding effort by Mathews:
Hope you all like it  ….Gamini AMERASINGHE

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