From Southern Province Skipper to Space Law Pathfinder

When Nandasiri Jasentuliyana led the Southern Province Schools Team against the Australian Schoolboy Team in 1958

I had played against Nandasiri at various levels in previous years (and my fallible memory registers him as a “de Silva” then). He was an aggressive batsman and a sportsman to the core …. as indeed all of us, the Amendras, DH and DP de Silvas, Anwer Jawath, Cedric Auwardt and Johnny de Silva etc etc ALL were those days. There was no thought of heckling or sledging then. One of my indelible memories is when, as a rookie batsman ofa defensive type in my first year, i partnered Carlyle Rodrigo in a longish batting recovery stand for the 5th wicket and suddenly unleashed a back foot punch for four to the square-leg boundary off Somasiri. Guess what? DP de Silva at gully clapped in appreciation.

So…. Nandi’s cricket team PIX is a golden memory.

We have not met but he has carved out a remarkable career and is a leading authority in space law. Let me guide you to some of his explorations beyond the cricket field.

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