A Memorable SSC Moment in 1973

Mevan Pieris has marked the occasion and identified all the cricketers unveiled and regaled in this photograph –a picture provided by young Shamara Wettimuny, daughter to Sidat

This photo was taken on the front lawn of the SSC after friendly match of SSC cricketers vs former Ceylon cricketers. It has been sent to the Wettimuny’s by LANA, Lucien de Zoysa.s daughter. The match took place around 1973.
Seated  L- R,  Brig Ramanayaka, PI Pieris, CI Gunasekara, Lucien de Zoysa, FC de Saram, Sargo Jayewickreme, M. Sathasivam, Bertie Wijesinha, Hector Perera, Mahes Rodrigo and Pandu Liyanage.
Standing –  Sidath Wettimuny, Gamini Manamperi, Ranil Abeynaike, Watma Wickremesekere, PLD Kariyawasam, Mevan Pieris, Priyantha Seneviratne, Neil Chanmugam, Sunil Wettimuny, Mithra Wettimuny and Andrew Wanduragala.
As you can see, the SSC team of 1973 was not at full strength being a very friendly encounter, and was carrying a few lame ducks. All the same a great picture
Regards, ….. Mevan


The occasion recorded on camera above was clearly a recognition of the old SSC stalwarts (with one or two ring-ins, such as Sathasivam — a Tamil Union man who was a regular at bridge and the bar at the SSC. As it happens, two young men participating in this match went on to represent Sri Lanka at the inaugural World Cup in England in 1975. It so happens that both feature in two striking pictures from that remarkable match against the Aussies at Kennington Oval on
11th June 1975 — remarkable because of (A) a political protest involving a pitch invasion by Sri Lankan Tamil youth of militant Marxist persuasion at the start of the Australian innings and (B) a lethal spell of fast bowling by Geoff Thomson which hospitalized Sunil Wettimuny and Duleep Mendis.
Mevan Pieris stands with Alan Turner (?) in the background as young Tamils stage a mid-pitch demonstration at the Oval .… in a match where Sri Lanka produced quite a feisty reply to the Australian total of 328 runs (for 5 wkts); despite severe injuries meted out by Thommo to two batsmen who were well set — first Sunil Wettimuny (retd hurt 53) and then Duleep Mendis (retd hurt 32).
Sunil in severe pain … forced to retire hurt at 53 not out


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