Rivetting Edgbaston Test Match from the Seat of Errol’s Pants

Errol Fernando to Gavin

THIRD DAY: I have worn out my chair watching this ever-changing and absorbing Test match for 3 days.  I will need to find something to sit on for the next 2 days because with 17 wickets to fall, this match will surely go well into the fifth day. Even the innumerable umpiring errors are fascinating! Do you think you and I would have done a better job,Gavin, and not needed any technology??

Steve Smith has made his point quietly, effectively and stunningly. In  just one match he has gently pushed everyone else aside and announced that he is the best in the world.Kane Williamson would be proud of him. England will have to find a way to get him out otherwise he will make 10 centuries in the series.

Whatever happens today will be unpredictable,surprising and amazing. Which captain would I rather be? Probably Tim Paine because Lyon and friends in the fourth innings  will pose questions  that should  be too  difficult for Bairstow and friends to answer. It is hard enough to win a match with eleven players but to manage with only ten from the very start of the match is far too demanding.

Well,Gavin, whichever team wins this match would have achieved a minor miracle. They both have every right to dance in the streets  –   one of them for winning after being 120 for 8 in the first couple of hours of the match,and the other for winning with one man short.

Happy watching Gavin. I am looking for a seat for two days,



Back to the Chapel after 60 years!

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