Touche! Skanda is on the Ball: Cricket is A LEVELLER

Somachandra Skandakumar

The two semi finals of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 will go down in cricket history as ones that reminded us all again that this great game we call cricket which has stood the test of time is also the greatest leveller.

While more than a billion Indians reflect on opportunities missed in a dream shattered, Australia had their batting tested and bowling seriously embarrassed. It has often been debated that both losing teams have from time to time displayed  arrogance and conduct  not consistent with the spirit of the game. They were both humbled way beyond expectations.

The winning teams have upheld the game’s traditions at all times and demonstrated that no matter who you are the game is always above you. None will grudge them the reward to take centre-stage at Lord’s on the 14th.
All that remains now is to hope that the sun will not miss a single ball in what promises to be a great final.
A Fifth Umpire ??? Alas If only Life could teach the same lessons !
UPHOLDING THE SPIRIT OF CRICKET …. “Cricket Luv’ly Cricket” as our “LORD SUPERIOR” would say ….

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