Bumble Fumble …. Sri Lankan-West Indian Cricketing Sambal

Michael Roberts

Amidst a few cricketing highlights this ODI encounter was marked by its plethora of bumbling horrors of considerable magnitude.

One … Kusal Perera’s brain fade which left him stranded and run-out — that when he was batting well …. 18.1 a wicket thrown away! Back of a length on leg, and tapped to midwicket. Perera wants the double, but his partner hasn’t responded, and the throw from deep mid-wicket is well aimed at the bowler’s end. To be fair to Fernando, there was no two there 104/2

Two …. Vandersay’s first nine balls = enough to render anyone purple!

Vandersay to Pooran, no run, and on that note, ends with a nice delivery. Shapes back in and driven back
Vandersay to Brathwaite, 2 wides, much too wide, and the keeper can’t collect. Vandersay has been pretty poor, and lucky not to go for more
Vandersay to Pooran, 1 run, spanked down to long-on. No timing though
Vandersay to Pooran, FOUR runs, gets this away! It was on leg stump and Pooran hit with the spin. With fine leg up, he just needed to get some bat on it and it would travel
Vandersay to Pooran, no run, defended back to the bowler
Vandersay to Pooran, 2 runs, scythes this one away to backward point and nearly went all the way to the boundary, but for some sterling work by the deep fielder
Vandersay to Pooran, no run, the ball sticks in the surface. For the umpteenth time, Pooran tries to muscle it and fails

Three …. Hetmyer’s second brain-fade.17.5 what on earth was that? Direct hit, gone! Hetmyer dismissed Tickled it to short third and set off on a run without ever lifting his head up to see if his partner was following through. When he did he was more than halfway down, and a direct hit meant he wasn’t even in the frame. West Indies are rocking now …..84/4

Four  ….. 44.1 third run-out of the innings! At least it’s not Pooran, who is currently on 99. This was flicked to short fine leg, and Pooran had ran across despite Allen not moving. Allen was ball-watching, and when he saw Pooran reach the other end, he scampered across to ensure that Pooran isn’t run-out. Allen sacrifices his wicket, but did West Indies need to throw a wicket away at this stage? Probably not… 282/7

IF YOU THINK THIS ESSAY is funny… reconsider: READ THIS =https://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/27099154/angelo-mathews-craziest-ball-2019-world-cup

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