Brian Gilbertson singing the National Anthems, Adelaide Oval, 1996

In these troubled times let us take heart from BRIAN GILBERTSON’S Rendering of the Sri Lankan and Australian National Anthems at Adelaide Oval way back in time


In 1996 Brian Gilbertson sang both the Australian and Sri Lankan National Anthems at the Australia Day Test match at Adelaide Oval. It was the first time a visiting national anthem was sung at a sporting event on Australia Day. This practice is now a tradition. The Weekend Australian reported “..his performance saw the Sri Lankan cricketers jump to attention …. a Sri Lankan fan hugged him, saying his attempt was ‘better than I can do and I can speak the language.” Follow Brian Gilbertson’s singing tips page.…


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4 responses to “Brian Gilbertson singing the National Anthems, Adelaide Oval, 1996

  1. Brian Gilbertson

    Thank you so much for your beautiful words in this article. It was an honour to have the opportunity to sing the Sri Lankan National anthem for your international cricket team and all Sri Lankan’s who were at the match or watched on TV. A beautiful memory. I dined with the team some years later in South Australia during another test series and was presented with a signed bat and once again sang the anthem for this new group of players over dinner. Brian Gilbertson

    Sadha Ranasinghe6 days ago
    Simply fabulous. Had goose pimples when the SL anthem was sung.

    YouTube Channel1 week ago
    That was brilliant for Sri Lanka! Much love from Sri Lanka ♡♡

    Shriyani Dm4 days ago
    Thank you one of the best renditions of our National Anthem. . Particularly at this time when our nation is in pain.


    Lily _edwardes1 day ago
    as a Sri Lankan New Zealander thanks


    Ajit Alphonsus4 days ago
    Heart warming & uplifting 🙂


    Sachitha Surangith5 days ago



    Sujan kavinda1 week ago
    That was


    Sachithra Waralwaththa2 weeks ago


    Brian joined the local patriots at the dinner for the Sri Lankan team held a little later –if I am not mistaken. He was certainly there in 1998 at a function –a day after Murali was no-balled by Emerson.

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