The Aloysian INVINCIBLES of 1956/57

Johnny de Silva

The invincible SAC cricket team in the 1956-57 season carried all before them becoming the unofficial Southern Group champions for the first time. Melvin Dias kept wickets for the St John’s Panadura and the Mahinda matches while I was ‘behind the stumps’ for the St Servatius’, St Sebastians’ and Richmond College matches.

Standing l-to-rt: Oswin Silva, Melvin Dias, Nalin Peiris, D. Jayanetti, Vinnie Vedamuttu, Roy Vanderpuut, Shiraz Cassim, Cedric Auwardt, Johnny de Silva,

Seated: Carlyle Rodrigo, Vernon Regis, Coach Marcus Jayasinghe, Skipper Mohamed Anwer, Michael Roberts, Lakshman Abeysundera

We defeated St Servatius’ College Matara by 165 runs, St Sebastians’ College outright by 5 wickets, Richmond College by an innings and 23 runs, St John’s College Panadura by 1 wicket on the first innings and Mahinda by 72 runs in the most awaited encounter of the season.

All players were awarded their Cricket Colours that year in recognition of the signal achievement of becoming the unofficial Southern Group cricket champions and for having played all matches in the true spirit of the game.

**** ****

VALE: Coach MARCUS,  Carlyle, Lakshman, Shiraz, Vinnie, Melvin, Oswin, Nalin, Roy are no longer with us   … but we shall remember them.     

A FURTHER NOTE: An year or so before this snap was taken I was among the lads in the Aloysian cheering party watching the Walles brothers, Anwer, Noel Edema. Somapala and others taking on the mighty teams from Richmond and Mahinda. The cheering squad was led by Royle Barthelot and Percy Abeysekera, (subsequently known, loved and hated as “Pissu Percy”). Among the chants were

* Walles Patau, Goni Goni

  • Gahapan Machan, Boundary Boundary

These were memorable moments ….. among them the century collected by Mohamed Anwer versus Mahinda if my memory is on the spot. Mahinda then had the Amendra brothers and both DH and DP de Silva in their team. Anwer, I stress, was an astute captain and a sportsman to the hilt. Our success in 1956 was due in good measure to his guiding hand, with important inputs from coach Marcus. Seniors Carlyle and Vernon were critical elements. As important for our triumphant journey was the fielding — -with Cedric at slip and one Johnnie behind the stumps taking some terrific catches. 

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A NOTE to a Fellow-Richmondite from Nandasiri Jasentuliyana


Memories! I played with all of them and 1955 to 1958 and captained with Michael Roberts in 1957. Unfortunately, I was a member of the young 1956 team that got thrashed by SAC! The following year we nearly made amends when time ran out with 30 runs to be made with 5 wickets in hand! ………………………

Nandasiri (Nandi) Jasentuliyana …. President Emeritus, International Institute of Space Law……..Former Deputy Director-General, United Nations, and Director, United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs

A FURTHER NOTE by Michael Roberts, 16 February 2020

In attaching two news clippings from that era let me add further details about the Richmond match …dredged from my memory. I recall walking out to bat when we were in dire straits; but it ws Carlyle who shaped the recovery. Our victory, however, was due to

(A ) Anwer Jawath’s astute captaincy;

(B) our use of what we called “leg theory” at a moment in cricket history when you had no field restrictions behind the line of square leg …. with Roy Vanderputt bowling slow/medium pace left-arm round the wicket towards the batsman’s legs and Vernon Regis bowling right-arm fast medium round the wicket down the line of the body;

And, last but not least,

(C) excellent catching -with Carlyle (or was it Cedric?) and keeper Johnny snaffling two sliding hook shots …. while one Michael at gully calmly pouched a shoulder height catch off the left-handed opening bat with Vernon the bowler;

and (D) Lakshman Abeysesundera — easily our worst fielder –pouching two catches at cover point off Vanderputt when the latter strayed down the vacant off side

LEG THEORY = two fielders on the off at mid-off and cover point;………AND …… seven on the leg: 3 leg slips; deep fine-leg;  deep square-leg; short mid-wkt; midon.

PS: I believe one Nandi de Silva, a bright spark and budding hero if ever there was one,  was caught by Jayanetti when he hooked Vernon in the air.

POST MORTEM …. the death of leg theory THEREAFTER

Anwer’s leg-theory tactics was nothing like that of Jardine and Larwood’s leg theory. Vernon Regis was medium pace and on those matting-on-turf wickets was nowhere near a threatening Larwood.  The leading Richmondites batsmen were mostly outed because they took Regis on and were caught out; while two of their top order were tempted by the vacant of -side and slashed at Vanderputt and sent he ball to one of the only fielders in that vast space.

BUT leg-tthoery was a no-no. The Principla of Mahinda College phoned his Aloysian counterpart and told him in no uncertain terms that they would not tolerate such cricket. So: we cricketers were summoned to Fr Kotaa Peiris’ room with Fr Morelli present and Anwer in position and informed that we would not be deploying that strategy. There was no room for debate; it was an order.

PS : We beat Mahinda that year …. without any leg-theory.

PPSBoth wins, I insist, were fair and square. That against Richmond remains in my memory as a concerted work of genius.

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  1. Jinalal Kalansooriya


  2. PPS: Our Coach MARCUS JAYASINGHE was an inspiration to us all albeit working quietly. He may have aided Anwer in spawning the LEG THEORY tactics. My memories of him as person and guide are firm and unreserved.

  3. EMAIL NOTE from PRASAD KARIYAWASAM of Richmond College, dated 17 Feb 2020: “Wow, SAC was so good at that time ! . Unbelievable !! …..

    Can’t even imagine that since during my time, from 1969 to 1973 , Richmond beating SAC was kind of assured, though SAC would force a draw or two when weather was helpful

    Marcus [Jayasinghe] of this group, interacted with us too as our coach: A superb tactician, he would tell us, ‘son, bat is meant to hit the ball, go out and enjoy your batting.”. Hey wallah, all our opening batsmen relished playing attacking cricket from the very first ball , long before Sanath Jayasuriya did for Srilanka! .For instance when I broke the Richmond Mahinda ground record that stood for 33 years with 156 not out, it was at a run a ball rate. And good old Marcus primed me do this feat: at the start of the season he gave a new bat and said ”so , this to break that damn batting record, it has stood for too long.” Of course my record was broken the next day by a Mahindian laying waste to my unbeaten innings ,with fielding lapses taking its toll.

    But we were basically matting wicket players with no turf wicket in Galle then …… And could NOT manage turf wickets well playing against elite schools in Colombo . Its a different world now . Richmond often beats the Colombo schools in Cricket.

    “MIke: ….
    The period you are referring to was the year after I left SAC. But I still remember some of the names- Regis, Anwar and Carlyle Rodrigo. The last two were in my class. There were a few others not mentioned in your note- H.Vedamuttu, Noel Edema, Somapala, Sirisena and Hector Wickramasingha, who went to do medicine. Ackman, the wicket keeper is another important player from our bygone era.
    Thanks very much for sharing this with me. It made me very nostalgic. Quite apart from the cricketers, many other people who I think of very highly have long departed from us- Mr.Varnakulasingham, Mr. Manatunga, Mr.Lionel Mendis,Mr. Anton Ferriera, Fathers Perniola, Peiris, DeMatia, and Mr. Hewavasam.In addition, there are several other contermporaries of ours who were close friends but I do not know whether they are still living. They include Sarath Lewke Bandara, Mervyn Wijesinge, Gunatunga, K.P.S. Perera, Shelton de Silva and D.S. Mendis. I really feel bad about not keeping in touch with them. What a tragic mistake on my part!
    Regards … ARNOLD DE SILVA in Canada
    EARDLE LIEVERSZ in Sydney: “Everyone has a cricket team of their youth which was special and did special things. I have the Boake House team of 1966 which did not have a single coloursman, but still beat the more fancied Hartley and Harward to win the comp. You have the Aloysian team of 1956-57. Such wonderful memory of cricket at a different time and age. Wonderful to read. There you are with your future undecided but thriving on the love of cricket and the wonderful moments

    GERLAD PEIRIS in Kandy: “Michael, ……Recalling all these minute details in also the work of genius – untouched by Alzheimer.

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