Percy, Percy …. That Man Pissu Percy

Percy in Many Iconic Moments

When Gamini Dissamayake returned to the island after securing Sri Lanka’s entry into the top tier of cricket under the ICC in mid 1981 a reception party had been arranged at the Katunayake airport with some young cricketers also on parade. It is typical of Percy’ Abeysekera that he was there –with his standard symbol, the Sri Lankan flag …. It is with sadness that I note that the young cricketer on the extreme right is Sujeewa Kamalasuriya of Ananda and Adelaide who was swamped to death by the tsunami at Unawatuna on 26th December 2004.tsunami.

With Royle Barthelot Percy was one of the Aloysian cheerleaders in the 1950s when I was a mere lad. He carried his enthusiasm for cricket into adult life and somehow secured the freedom of the local cricket grounds. At one point he used to run all round the ground when one of our batsman hit a four. Truly “pissu.” He knew his cricket and did not wander behid the bowler’s arm . He is also versed in ditties and repartee.

No Escape! Percy hauls in a visiting cricket writer

  Percy in barnstorming mood on the dance floor with his wife –who, alas, passed away a couple of years back

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