Langer’s Daughters on Offer to the Aussie Cricketers? Not Quite

Jacob Polychronis, in where the title runs Ädam Gilchrist reveals Justin Langer’s ‘marry test’ for players””

AUSTRALIAN cricket legend Adam Gilchrist has revealed Justin Langer’s interesting new selection criteria for his players ahead of the tour of England.  The Fox Sports commentator said Langer’s players need to prove to the coach that they are worthy of marrying one of his daughters.

Gilchrist made the revelation on Back Page Live on Tuesday night after Langer set the standard for his players during a pre-England tour camp in Brisbane on the weekend.

Justin Langer looks on during an Australian ODI training session in Brisbane.Source:Getty Images  

“Langer, as you’ve heard, wants honesty and humility,” Gilchrist said. “Actually, I’ve heard him say he wants his players to be good enough blokes that he would consider allowing them to marry his daughters. He’s got four daughters – so that’s the selection process going on.”

Despite the intense scrutiny Australia’s behaviour will come under in the team’s first series since the ball-tampering saga, Gilchrist said he expects the side will continue to sledge.

Justin Langer looks on during an Australian ODI training session in Brisbane.

Justin Langer looks on during an Australian ODI training session in Brisbane.Source:Getty Images

Langer spoke to players and coaches in Brisbane on Saturday and made it clear that banter is fine, but personal abuse won’t be tolerated. “Get it clear from day one,’’ Langer said. “We have to aim to be No. 1 in professionalism, No. 1 in honesty and humility. It does not matter how many runs you score. If you are not a good bloke, that is what people remember.

“Our mateship is really important. Sticking together.’’

Australia’s first test under the Langer era will come next month in England, where the new coach said he expects his team to be relentlessly sledged by the press. But Langer said the abuse is part of the job and that his players shouldn’t be fazed by it.

We are expecting plenty from the crowds and the media but that is England. When you are winning all the time and you are squeaky clean you still cop it,” he said. “We will cop it just as much as usual. That is OK. It will be a good experience for our younger guys.”

Originally published as Gilly: The bizarre test all Justin Langer’s players must pass

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