Kaboom Bats and theIr burgeoning market — Harry Solomons of Kingsgrove Sports speaks

Speaking to The Australian, Harry Solomons from Sydney’s Kingsgrove Sports Centre, who has supplied bats to everyone from Doug Walters in the 1970s to recent test captain Michael Clarke, told [us] he was selling the oversized Kaboom model of bat endorsed by Warner as recently as Monday afternoon because nobody in the cricketing community expected the MCC’s ban on power-laden equipment to extend to amateur players The biggest-selling bats we  have are the biggest bats.  Yesterday we were stills elling the dAve Warner Kaboom. Everyone knew the rule was coming, but not for amateurs. … It is going to be a whole new ball game in bat-making.” (Australian, 7 marhc 20170).

 Image from Roberts, Essaying Cricket, (Colombo, 2005) — also deployed in an essay presenting Letter from Hary Solomons to The President of Sri Lanka, 18 March 2012, on urgent issues for cricket in the island – see https://cricketique.live/2012/03/18/open-letter-to-president-from-harry-solomons/

  Young Harry with the Don

A graying Harry as a ‘don’ – … http://nsw.staging.cricket.com.au/news/latest-news/2014/5/3/womens-grade-premiers-dinnerCopyright NBPD

 Harry promoting safety for batsmen [and let me add” umpires”!]


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