Sri Lanka v England, seventh one-day international: as it happened … working backwards in review


– Dilshan hits 18th career ODI hundred
– Root top-scores with 80 in England reply
Sri Lanka say goodbye to Sangakkara and Jayawardene
Cook is natural leader of England, says Downton
Sri Lanka v England: scorecard


16.36 So that is the end of England’s tour to Sri Lanka. Has anything been concluded or are there now more unanswered questions than ever? They have been outplayed for much of the series and Sri Lanka fully deserve their 5-2 win. The England selectors will meet on Friday to decide their squad for the tri-nations tour Down Under in January, which is expected to be very similar, if not identical, to the World Cup squad the following month. Does Alastair Cook stay? We will find out with the announcement on Saturday. Thank you for joining today. Cheerio.

16.28 These are great scenes. Not so for the England guys. Don’t know where they are. Crying in the changing room one presumes.

16.26 In case you need reminding, this is Jayawardene and Sangakkara’s final ODI on home soil after two phenomenal careers. The entire Sri Lankan team is doing a lap of honour round the park but all eyes are on the two of them.


16.24 What a perfect way to end the series with Jayawardene and Sangakkara both involved in the final dismissal. The crowd are standing and cheering themselves hoarse.

OVER 45.5 England 215 (Gurney 6*)
Jayawardene last took an ODI wicket in 200 against Zimbabwe. He has another chance here though. Gurney comes down the track and squirts the ball into the off side for one. That was almost the moment the whole ground is waiting for. But there it is one ball later!

Wicket WICKET! Tredwell st Sangakkara b Jayawardene for 17 Down the track he comes, completely misses the ball and Sanga whips the bails off. Job done. FOW 215/10

OVER 45 England 213/9 (Tredwell 16* Gurney 5*)
Prasanna continues and this has all got a bit boring. For some reason Tredwell has given up eyeing the boundary and both batsmen are now blocking and walking the odd single. The third umpire is asked to do his thing after Sangakkara takes the bails off behind Tredwell but the Englishman has his foot down. At least he’s trying I suppose. “Oh end it now,” moans David Lloyd.

OVER 44 England 208/9 (Tredwell 14* Gurney 2*)
The crowd are going absolutely bonkers and the reason is that the ball has been given to a certain Mahela Jayawardene. The noise is incredible. He has picked up seven ODI wickets in his career but hasn’t bowled in one since June 2007. Great scenes and he almost picks up Gurney who inside edges the ball inches past his leg stump. FYI, Jayawardene is bowling loopy off spin and it’s not too bad. Three runs off the over.

OVER 43 England 205/9 (Tredwell 12* Gurney 1*)
Chants of “Mahela” have been ringing around the ground for the great man’s final international match on home soil. Gurney gets a single to put Tredwell back on strike. Tredwell does likewise. England need 98 runs off 42 balls.

OVER 42 England 203/9 (Tredwell 11* Gurney 0*)
Perera to bowl and Tredwell lifts his first ball inches over mid-on’s outstretched fingers for four. He’s not going to die wondering is Tredders… and now he’s picked up another one and whacked it a mile! It’s a big six into the crowd over mid-on! 100 to win Tredders, keep going my son.

OVER 41 England 193/9 (Tredwell 1*)
Here comes Jordan but surely any chance of an England win has gone. Root can’t do this alone, especially not in his injured state. Oh dear I think his innings is over… it is. At least the misery won’t last much longer. It hasn’t even been a contest today. Tredwell is the new man and he can barely lay bat on ball. And now Jordan has gone too.

Wicket WICKET! Root lbw Prasanna for 80 Down goes Root on the reverse sweep, he misses it and the ball crashes into his back leg. Up goes the umpire’s figure and Root reviews. Here lies the game for England. But the lbw is about as dead as any lbw in the history of cricket, hitting halfway up middle stump. FOW 192/8

Wicket WICKET! Root lbw Prasanna for 0 Leg comes down in front of middle stump, ball hits leg and the umpire’s finger is raised. A first baller. FOW 192/9

OVER 40 England 192/7 (Root 80*)
Perera continues but still the batsmen cannot find the boundary. And the pressure does for Woakes.

Wicket WICKET! Woakes b Perera for 34 He knew it was time to try something different, charged down the track and lost his leg stump as a result. It actually flew out of the ground, which is a novelty for a spinner. FOW 192/7

OVER 39 England 186/6 (Root 79* Woakes 30*)
It looks like Woakes has decided now is the time against Lakmal. Unfortunately for England fans they appear to be in “big swing, no ding” territory. Dot, dot, dot, single to get Root on strike and the Yorkshireman whacks a full toss straight of mid-wicket for four. England need 117 off 66 balls.

You don’t want to know Bumble:


OVER 38 England 180/6 (Root 74* Woakes 29*)
Ooh was that a dropped catch? Woakes goes back to Perera, Sanga can’t take the ball cleanly and the wicketkeeper looks furious. Replays don’t seem to show an edge though so I guess we will never know. Woakes then replies by coming down the track and lofting Perera expertly for a one-bounce four over mid-off to bring up the 50-partnership.

OVER 37 England 174/6 (Root 73* Woakes 24*)
So we are into the final session of this series and the impressive Lakmal returns. Root, hobbling around, attempts to guide the slower ball to the third man boundary but Sangakkara flings himself to cut it off. Still England deal in singles and Root then takes a full toss on the leg just above the pad and just below the thigh pad. That hurt. He’s rather in the wars at the moment. England need 129 off 78 balls. That’s almost 10 an over.

OVER 36 England 169/6 (Root 70* Woakes 23*)
Here comes Dilshan to bowl the 10th and final over today. The required rate is rocketing and England take the batting powerplay. It’s now or never isn’t it? Then at least everyone can go home early rather than drawing this out. Six singles… that wasn’t exactly what I meant. Time for drinks.

What on earth is going on in this photo??

OVER 35 England 163/6 (Root 67* Woakes 20*)
Boy do the Sri Lankan spinners get through their overs. It helps that England aren’t finding the boundary. Root is getting slightly bogged down at the moment, resorting to the sweep as his go-to shot but he can only pick up ones and twos. The over goes for four again.

OVER 34 England 159/6 (Root 66* Woakes 17*)
David “Bumble” Lloyd has just made a Wealdstone Raider (Google/YouTube it) gag which made me chuckle… until my colleague told me Bumble had made the exact same joke earlier today. Now I feel dirty for laughing. Prasanna is into his sixth over and the required rate is now incredibly high, pushing 9 an over. All the batsmen can do is add four singles to the total though.

OVER 33 England 155/6 (Root 64* Woakes 15*)
Let’s hope those pills start to work instantly. Although Root hasn’t actually let the pain affect his batting. He’s grimacing a lot but is still moving nicely around the crease. Four singles off the over as Perera returns.

OVER 32 England 151/6 (Root 62* Woakes 13*)
The required rate is now 8.43. Make Root a knight if he does it from here. Prasanna drops too short and allows Woakes to rock back and whack the ball through mid-wicket for four. The physio is on to have a look at Root at the end of the over. Pill time.

OVER 31 England 144/6 (Root 60* Woakes 8*)
There’s a gift for the hobbler, who picks up four from the first ball of Mendis’s over thanks to Chandimal diving over the ball at long-on. Root looks to be hurting out there. It’s not really worth it Joe. No one else can be bothered.

OVER 30 England 137/6 (Root 54* Woakes 7*)
A nice cover drive from Woakes brings three runs thanks to a dive at the end from Root. England’s half-centurion spent a period off the pitch with a leg injury when they were fielding and he looks to be in trouble now, limping from end to end. Remember, the rules state he cannot have a runner to help him. Just let him go home.

Peter Rowntree has been on the email:

E-mail Dear Ben, Out of Cook, Morgan, Broad and A.N.Other I think I would easily go for A.N.Other on the basis that he can’t be worse than Cook or Morgan. In fact, the one thing I have learned from this tour is that Morgan is in the side because he is the only batsman we have who makes Cook look good.

OVER 29 England 131/6 (Root 52* Woakes 3*)
Jeevan Mendis carries on but the problem now for England and Root is that they cannot afford to take any risks. Three singles off the over.

OVER 28 England 128/6 (Root 51* Woakes 1*)
There’s Root’s 50, which has come up off 59 balls. Not that he has had much help apart from Buttler though… ah. I guess not. Can Woakes somehow help him turn this around against all odds?

Wicket WICKET! Buttler c Chandimal b Prasanna for 23 Just when it looked as though things might be settling down for England they lose another wicket. Prasanna loops the ball up outside off stump and asks Buttler to give it the big’un. He obliges, throwing everything at the ball but picks out Chandimal running round at long-off. FOW 126/6

OVER 27 England 123/5 (Root 47* Buttler 23*)
Mendis continues but Buttler plays what can only be described as a reverse pull, swivel-type thing (I’m not sure I’ve quite done that justice) with the ball beating third man and rolling to the boundary. He then follows up with a fine cut shot straight of the cover sweeper for another four. A very good over for England.

OVER 26 England 111/5 (Root 45* Buttler 13*)
Prasanna to Buttler and the Englishman has a monster heave which lands safely on the off side for just a single. The bowler follows up with a horrible full toss that Root somewhat misses out on as he bats it wide of long off for a couple.

This is the quandary facing England as they head into the World Cup:

OVER 25 England 105/5 (Root 41* Buttler 11*)
It’s a double change with Jeevan Mendis also brought into the attack for the first time today. Leg spin from both ends. But England have brought up their hundred: mwahahahaha, look who’s laughing now. England pick up three leg byes and that means the tourists are 105/5 at the halfway stage. Just the 198 more to go.

OVER 24 England 99/5 (Root 39* Buttler 7*)
Prasanna has his chance to try out his leg breaks off two paces. Three singles and a wide are the result.

OVER 23 England 95/5 (Root 38* Buttler 5*)
Perera is back in place of Mathews. England’s task is looking increasingly improbable. Root is trying to be slightly more attacking, finding the cover sweeper for one and then thick edging down to third man for another single. He ends the over by timing the pants off a glorious drive on the up with the ball fizzing away to the extra cover boundary for four. Ian Botham, who is on commentary, is full of superlatives.

OVER 22 England 83/5 (Root 32* Buttler 3*)
Dishan continues into his ninth over. He bowls a wide, England take three more singles and the required rate continues to rise to 7.71.

OVER 21 England 83/5 (Root 30* Buttler 2*)
This is all a bit of a waste of time now isn’t it? The required rate is almost 7.5. How can Cook captain England at the World Cup? Yes, it is very late to bring in a new captain but the man in the current position is in terrible form, does not know how to build an ODI innings, is painfully negative in his captaincy, and does not lead in any sort of dynamic manner. Rant over. Mathews carries on and the batsmen help themselves to three singles. Nothing else to report.

OVER 20 England 80/5 (Root 29* Buttler 1*)
Big, big appeal from Dilshan as Morgan goes down on one leg to sweep the ball but misses it and gets his leg in the way instead. The umpire says not out but that looks very straight and the Sri Lankans go for the review. He’s gone! That’s Dilshan third wicket to go with his hundred.

Wicket WICKET! Morgan lbw Dilshan for 4 There is some confusion over whether there is an under-edge but replays suggest not and the ball is hitting halfway up leg stump. A poor decision from the umpire originally. FOW 78/5

OVER 19 England 78/4 (Root 28* Morgan 4*)
Everyone has had a drink and Mathews fancies a bowl. Ooh, he sees Morgan coming down the track, bangs the ball in short and it soars over batsman and wicketkeeper for four byes. Root then walks across his stumps and has Mathews appealing loudly after the ball hits his pad. The umpire isn’t interested and Mathews plumps not to review the decision, which proves to be the correct call with replays showing the ball was only clipping leg stump so the decision would not have been overturned.

I’ve had an email from Ron Walaron on the subject of who should be England captain. Ron, I believe the answer would be “yes, after he has completed his residency period”. Although considering Warney and Liz only got together in 2010 (I should add that I did just look that up. I don’t know it off by heart) he would have long retired by the time he qualified. Not that England would turn him away even if he was 60 years old…

E-mail If Shane Warne had married Liz Hurley could he have qualified?

OVER 18 England 73/4 (Root 28* Morgan 3*)
Root is able to keep the scoreboard ticking over with such ease. Time for drinks.

OVER 17 England 70/4 (Root 27* Morgan 1*)
Lakmal is now into his sixth over having picked up two wickets for just 12 runs. Morgan still hasn’t got a run. He’s faced five balls, six balls, seven balls… and there it is: a pull shot for one.

Cook clearly has now problem getting started in ODIs. But his conversion rate is atrocious.

OVER 16 England 66/4 (Root 24* Morgan 0*)
Perera continues, but that is a sumptuous shot from Root. So much class, just easing into a full-pitched ball and punching past the bowler with no effort and perfect timing for four. And a couple of balls later he does exactly the same again! I’m going to out myself here: I love Joe Root a bit. Maybe more than a bit. Those shots were as good as anyone in the world. Just so easy.

OVER 15 England 57/4 (Root 15* Morgan 0*)
Bye bye Taylor. Morgan comes to the crease and how England could do with a big innings from him. Actually big wouldn’t be enough. It would have to be huge. Their position at the moment is dire. Morgan is content to leave, leave and leave again as Lakmal probes away outside off stump. There’s no coming back from this is there?

Wicket WICKET! Taylor c Sangakkara b Lakmal for 2 Another one bites the dust. Lakmal bangs one it, Taylor tries to tickle it off his hip but instead gloves the ball almost directly behind him where Sanga hangs on to a decent enough catch. FOW 57/4

OVER 14 England 56/3 (Root 14* Taylor 2*)
Well that was a cracking catch from Jayawardene and he can rightly feel slightly peeved that Cook hung around after he said the catch was taken cleanly. Dilshan is out of the attack and we have more seam courtesy of Perera. Root nudges the ball into the off side, sets off for a sharp single and wipes his brow dry as Dilshan’s shy misses the stumps with Root well short of his ground. That would have been game, set, match and series. These two are going to do nothing but deal in singles for the next 10 overs if they can avoid being dismissed.

OVER 13 England 51/3 (Root 11*)
Root picks up a couple off Lakmal and the run chase continues to tootle along at just the pace to put most of the fans to sleep. But they are awake now! Cook has gone. Or has he? The England skipper edges to Jayawardene’s left at first slip and the Sri Lankan veteran snaffles a great catch just above the grass. But Cook stands his ground and we will go to the third umpire…

Wicket WICKET! Cook c Jayawardene b Lakmal for 32 The third umpire correctly rules that the catch was taken cleanly and Cook departs. He could very easily just have taken Jayawardene’s word for it. FOW 51/3

Check out how far ahead the leading Sri Lankan duo are. Oh look, Cook is on there:

OVER 12 England 47/2 (Cook 31* Root 8*)
Ain’t no stopping Dilshan here. And there ain’t no starting Cook either. He’s got 28 off 43 balls. The required rate is nudging nearer to 7 runs an over but England cannot afford to lose any more wickets. Root takes a step down the track and pushes the ball for one more. It’s been a while since the last proper four (aside from Cook edging between slip and keeper).

OVER 11 England 42/2 (Cook 28* Root 6*)
This has been a very tidy start from Lakmal. Four dots in a row at Cook, although one of those saw the England man miss out on an awful long hop outside off stump.

OVER 10 England 41/2 (Cook 27* Root 6*)
Unsurprisingly Dilshan is going to continue into his fifth over. We all know what Root will do here. Nudge, push, nurdle and scamper. Four singles are finished off with a pull for two. Not the worst over for England.

OVER 9 England 35/2 (Cook 25* Root 2*)
Lakmal is bowling a very tight line here… and Cook is dropped again! In fact it isn’t dropped because no one got a hand to it. The England captain slashes hard outside off stump, edges it fine but neither wicketkeeper or skip is able to grab it. And he picks up four runs for his troubles. How many lives has Cook got today?

OVER 8 England 30/2 (Cook 21* Root 1*)
Fair to say Hales hasn’t quite taken his chance today. Mind you, if all the batsmen continue not to take their chance then who do England pick for the World Cup? Root is the new man and England are in a fair bit of trouble.

Wicket WICKET! Hales c Prasanna b Dilshan for 7 Hales goes for the big’un but toe-ends his heave and can’t launch the ball over the boundary rope, instead picking out Prasanna at long-off. What a game Dilshan is having! FOW 28/2

OVER 7 England 28/1 (Cook 20* Hales 7*)
We have our first sight of Sri Lankan seam with Lakmal into the attack after taking four wickets in the last ODI. There’s a bit of movement for the new bowler and he has a slip in place to both batsmen. No width at all and just the one leg bye off the over.

OVER 6 England 27/1 (Cook 20* Hales 7*)
Alastair Cook has played 92 ODIs and that was only his 10th six. Three runs off this Dilshan over as Sri Lanka storm through these early stages.

OVER 5 England 24/1 (Cook 20* Hales 4*)
That’s better from the England skipper. He’s gone and done a good one cutting the ball past two diving fielders behind square on the off side for four. Oh my word, he’s hit a six! Cook drags the ball from outside off stump and almost straight sweeps it over the long-on boundary. Well I didn’t expect that.

OVER 4 England 11/1 (Cook 11* Hales 3*)
This is painful viewing watching Cook against the Sri Lankan spinners. Oh how did that miss Cook’s stumps??? I honestly have no idea. The skipper prods forward to Dilshan, gets the thinnest of edges and deflects the ball past his leg stump. And breathe…

OVER 3 England 8/1 (Cook 6* Hales 2*)
Is a Cook hundred the worst possible outcome for England here? Assuming Cook is definitely going to captain at the World Cup then he must find form. But one final terrible innings from him could seal his fate here. Possibly. Oh, who knows. Anyway, the England captain has just timed a sweep shot to perfection and the ball flies to the square-leg boundary.

OVER 2 England 4/1 (Cook 2* Hales 2*)
So Cook is still on strike with Dilshan to take the new ball. And he’s dropped!!! Cook goes to cut and slashes the ball to first slip where Jayawardene can’t hang on to a tough chance. The tension when the England captain is on strike is unbearable. But now Moeen has gone! Hales is the new man. Remember he has come in for Bopara today. What a terrible start.

Wicket WICKET! Moeen b Dilshan for 0 Moeen goes back, tries to cut and sees the ball thud into the top of his off stump. A first baller for the bearded wonder. FOW 2/1

OVER 1 England 1/0 (Cook 1* Moeen Ali 0*)
Right then. What have you got for us Mr Cook? Perera on to bowl. Dot, dot, dot, dot, dot, single. Yep, pretty much what we’ve come to expect.

12.58 Well the gloomy clouds have yet to drop their load on the ground so we are still all set for England to begin their reply at the normal time. Lucky us.

12.39 Will England be saved by the rain? I’ll let you know post-shower.

12.37 So Sri Lanka end on 302/6. A great knock from Dilshan, brilliant support from Chandimal and an almighty cameo at the end from Perera. As the table below shows, England will have to score a record run chase if they are to win this. The omens aren’t good. I’m off to have a shower because I’m sweating at the prospect of watching Alastair Cook (only the first half of that sentence is correct). Back shortly.

OVER 50 Sri Lanka 302/6 (Chandimal 55* J Mendis 1*)
Jordan is the man to bowl the final over for Ingurland. Lucky him. Oh but he’s picked up the wicket! And another one goes! What a final over from Jordan. Just one leg bye off the first three balls. And singles off the fourth and fifth. This really is super bowling and it is because he has found his range with the yorker. Another cracking yorker and another single. We are done.

Wicket WICKET! Perera c&b Jordan for 54 Short again from Jordan but this time Perera cannot get hold of his attempted pull and spoons the ball up into the air for Jordan to take the return catch. A great cameo. FOW 299/5

Wicket WICKET! Prasanna run out for 0 He’s gone without facing a ball! Chandimal digs out a Jordan yorker, Prasanna hares down the pitch from the non-striker’s end but is sent back only to see Jordan to take the bails off with time to spare. FOW 299/6

OVER 49 Sri Lanka 298/4 (Chandimal 53* Perera 54*)
The last 10 overs have gone for 95. What an injection of pace this has been and surely England won’t be able to chase this down. Gurney is into the attack and Perera reaches his half-century by easing the ball through mid-wicket for a couple. A superb 50 off 23 balls! It’s a decent over actually from Gurney who keeps the first five balls down to six. Can he finish it off? The ball is thumped back past him but a great piece of fielding at long-off form Jordan keeps the Sri Lankans down to two.

OVER 48 Sri Lanka 290/4 (Chandimal 51* Perera 48*)
Woakes continues despite shipping 15 runs off his last over. It’s heave-a-minute time out in Colombo and Perera is on fire. It’s banged in at a nothing length by Woakes and Perera thumps it high, high, high over mid-wicket for six! The next ball is full and wide outside off stump and Perera edges it down to the third man boundary for another four. That’s 14 runs off the over and Perera has 48 off 21 balls.

OVER 47 Sri Lanka 276/4 (Chandimal 50* Perera 35*)
Ah, it seems Jordan was actually switching ends. Chandimal on 49… and he tucks the slower ball off his legs for a single. 50 runs from 43 balls. A great injection of pace. Here comes Perera again and he has no intention of doing anything other than heaving. Jordan bangs one in short which sits up for Perera to cut for four. Oh for God’s sake stop bowling short – this one is even shorter, even slower and Perera plays the same shot with the same result. And he’s got a hat-trick of boundaries for the second successive over thanks to a flick off his legs! Perera now has 35 off 16 balls.

OVER 46 Sri Lanka 262/4 (Chandimal 49* Perera 22*)
So Jordan takes a wicket (albeit it with a rank delivery) and is promptly whipped out of the attack in place of Woakes. First ball: short, slow and Perera helps it on its way cutely for four down to the vacant third man area. Second ball: shorter and wider and Perera thwacks it past the diving fielder at point for another boundary. Third ball: round the wicket, full and wide and Perera drives through cover for four. Fourth ball: It’s not a four!!! And neither are the fifth or sixth. A minor victory for the Englishman.

OVER 45 Sri Lanka 247/4 (Chandimal 48* Perera 8*)
Gurney continues and Perera looks in no mood to hang around. The left-hander flicks neatly through mid-wicket and charges back for a second before pulling slightly straighter for two more and bagging another couple to the cover boundary. That’s 10 runs off the over with barely a risk taken. The home side could be looking near 300 here if they keep their wickets intact.

OVER 44 Sri Lanka 237/4 (Chandimal 48* Perera 1*)
Jordan comes on in place of Moeen Ali who finishes with figures of 2-39 off his 10 overs. And Dilshan strokes him into the off side from his first delivery to bring up his 18th century for Sri Lanka! That’s come off 122 balls and I wouldn’t be surprised if he lets loose now. Jordan then replies with a rank full toss… and he’s got him! Oh no! That was an awful delivery and Dilshan would have been within his rights to have kicked up a fuss with the height of it but accepted the decision with grace. Perera is the new man.

Wicket WICKET! Dilshan c Moeen Ali b Jordan for 101 It’s a truly terrible delivery from Jordan that arrives at Dilshan’s waist (or very possible higher than his waist), the Sri Lankan opener throws the kitchen sink at it but doesn’t find the middle and Moeen takes a smart catch on the mid-wicket boundary. Should that have been a no-ball for height? FOW 236/4

OVER 43 Sri Lanka 234/3 (Chandimal 48* Dilshan 99*)
Thanks Charlie. So Dilshan is one hit away from his hundred. He averages a respectable 38.46 over the course of his ODi career but in the past three years alone he has averaged a huge 47.33 a pop. Not a bad cricketer at all. Gurney is into the attack and the batsmen respond to the lack of width by scampering 1, 0, 1, 1, 2, 1. Easy. And that takes Dilshan to 99.

11.48 Anyway, I’m off – I’ll leave you in the very capable hands of Ben Bloom, who takes over just as things are about to get very interesting…

OVER 42 Sri Lanka 228/3 (Chandimal 44* Dilshan 97*)
The crowd really getting into this now, as Sri Lanka keep the scoreboard ticking with a few early singles. Dilshan then gets to a staggering 9000 ODI career runs with a single, and Chandimal smashes it away for another four, just through Jordan’s fingertips. That would have been a sensational catch, but Jordan just got his timing wrong. Chandimal then makes it 10 off the over with another single.

OVER 41 Sri Lanka 218/3 (Chandimal 36* Dilshan 95*)
Tredwell bowling with Root off, and again it’s heaved leg-side, and no chance for the fielders there – he’s really finding his range now. He backs the boundary up with a pair and a dot, as Dilshan gets back on strike. Nine runs from the over and it’s 218 for 3.

OVER 40 Sri Lanka 209/3 (Chandimal 29* Dilshan 93*)
Woakes is back in for the final over of the Powerplay, and Chandimal heaves one away leg-side but it only goes for the one. Dilshan then eases his away into the 90s with a double before three singles end the over. Ten overs to go, and we’re through the Powerplay – set up for a very interesting finish now. Root meanwhile has gone off with what looks like a hip problem, so Stoakes is back on, and Tredwell back into the attack. That’s pretty concerning about Root – hopefully it’s not too serious.

OVER 39 Sri Lanka 203/3 (Chandimal 27* Dilshan 89*)
Cook lets Jordan take over, after Gurney’s disappointing last spell, for the penultimate over of the Powerplay. Chandimal makes a great start to the over as he finds the gap at mid-wicket, right in the slot , and it rips away for four. A Chandimal single brings up the hosts’ double-century. A slower bouncer from Jordan then goes wide, and the over ends with a Chandimal dot. Not a brilliant over for England, but not terminal either.

OVER 38 Sri Lanka 195/3 (Chandimal 21* Dilshan 88*)
Good change-up from Woakes as he goes for a bit more pace – Gurney then pulls out of a catch as Chandimal smashes one up in the air, but the England man loses the flght of it. Woakes looks really frustrated with that, and good pace from the Sri Lankans see them claim three runs off it, and get Dilshan on strike. It wasn’t an easy catch, but the lack of an attempt was a little disappointing there. Woakes struggling a little in the over, and both Sri Lankan batsmen are stealing singles and the odd pair. Eight runs from the over, and Sri Lanka picking it up in the Poweplay a little.

OVER 37 Sri Lanka 187/3 (Chandimal 15* Dilshan 87*)
Gurney is back in, and some good fielding from Cook prevents a boundary from Chandimal and ensures it goes for just two. Chandimal follows that up with a dot, before a full toss down the ground spoils the over a little bit for England as Dilshan rips it away to beat long-on, and claim the four. Gurney then goes for the yorker again, and it’s another four – that was really poor from Gurney. Hard to imagine him at the World Cup if he keeps bowling like that.

OVER 36 Sri Lanka 175/3 (Chandimal 12* Dilshan 79*)
Woakes is back in for the Powerplay, and here’s also rain in the air, with a little bit of concern in the ground. No early boundaries in the over, and just the four runs in the over – excellent from Woakes, as England add an extra fielder on the onside.

OVER 35 Sri Lanka 171/3 (Chandimal 10* Dilshan 77*)
Tredwell back in, and Chandimal gets it away to fine leg for a pair before skidding one away for a single. Dilshan also helps himself to three runs in the over, as Chandimal takes a tumble as he goes after a drilled shot off-side. And now, it’s Powerplay time…

OVER 34 Sri Lanka 164/3 (Chandimal 6* Dilshan 73*)
Lovely tickle round the corner from Chandimal gets him another two runs, after Dilshan helped himself to a single. You feel we’re coming up to the crux of the innings – Sri Lanka have tailed off a little, but they’re well capable of racking up a ton from the last 10 overs, and England will be acutely aware of that.

OVER 33 Sri Lanka 161/3 (Chandimal 4* Dilshan 72*)
Chandimal is straight into the action, as he runs at full pelt to pick up a quick single. Another one follows, but Jordan is bowling ok here and England have slowed down the run rate, and are starting to take some wickets. Chandimal gets a double though, and he’s up to four.

OVER 32 Sri Lanka 157/3 (Chandimal 0* Dilshan 72*)
A bit of a niggly one there as Dilshan impedes Ali, and then sprints away for the single. Not great sportsmanship that. Dilshan then caresses one down to fine leg before Mathews gets bowled! Good flat delivery from Ali, and Mathews has missed it! The captain has gone for 20 – that just clipped leg stump! Moeen Ali now 2-26 off 8 overs.
WicketWICKET! Mathews b Moeen Ali for 20
OVER 31 Sri Lanka 152/2 (Mathews 19* Dilshan 70*)
Sri Lanka get up to 150 after they almost get into a muddle with a potential run-out. Dilshan then steadies the ship with a steered shot for a single, and a slow delivery from Jordan allows Mathews one of his own – five singles in total that over. Huge appeal on Dilshan from but the umpire says it was going over. Looks like the right call.

OVER 30 Sri Lanka 147/2 (Mathews 16* Dilshan 68*)
A lovely reverse swing executed to perfection against the turn is enough for a four for Mathews – his first boundary of the day. He follows that up with a pair that included a real turn of pace, and a single in what was a much better over from the hosts.

OVER 29 Sri Lanka 140/2 (Mathews 9* Dilshan 68*)
The hosts get the run rate back up with a three, and a couple of singles, as Jordan struggles to find the right length. But a good finish ensures it is just five conceded in the over, and England keep plugging away.

OVER 28 Sri Lanka 135/2 (Mathews 5* Dilshan 67*)
REVIEW! Appeal here from England, and it’s being reviewed. Moeen Ali with the delivery, and it’s Mathews who’s under the microscope but without hotspot, this is really tough for the third umpire. It doesn’t look like Mathews hit that, and that’s the decision that’s been made – NOT OUT! Buttler shaking his head in frustration, but that looked too much in doubt for Mathews to have been given out. After that little interlude, Mathews gets a single, and Dilshan comes up with a delicate shot round to the leg side, but good fielding ensures it goes for just two, and only three from the over. The run rate is now 4.82, and dropping all the time.
Dilshan not out after decision review.

OVER 27 Sri Lanka 132/2 (Mathews 4* Dilshan 65*)
Tredwell keeps on plugging away and the runs are drying up for Sri Lanka here. Or at least they were until Dilshan smashes one away for four as he times it to perfection with a step forward before dropping back and making a perfect connection. Just one other run from the over though, and England doing ok.

OVER 26 Sri Lanka 127/2 (Mathews 3* Dilshan 61*)
Good footwork from Dilshan allows him to claim another single, and Mathews starts to get his eye in with a couple of singles, as the hosts finish with four from the over. Moeen Ali again solid with the ball.

OVER 25 Sri Lanka 123/2 (Mathews 1* Dilshan 59*)
A single from Dilshan starts the over and the captain gets off the mark with a single of his own, but that’s a good over from Tredwell, with just the three runs conceded. Much better bowling from all three of Root, Moeen Ali and Tredwell.

OVER 24 Sri Lanka 120/2 (Mathews 0* Dilshan 57*)
Ali a little looser than in his previous innings but then with his worst delivery of the day, Sangakkara hits it to mid-wicket and Tredwell makes the catch. That was very poor from the Sri Lankan, and he too gets a great reception as he walks off with 33, having played his last ODI in his home country. Two very cheap wickets so far today, but England won’t be complaining. Mathews is in, and it’s game on.

Wicket WICKET! Sangakkara ct Tredwell b Moeen Ali for 33
OVER 23 Sri Lanka 118/1 (Sangakkara 32* Dilshan 56*)
Tredwell back in, and a loose ball outside leg-stump is put away by Sangakkara beghind square – lovely control on that shot. He follows that up with a well-placed single, and Dilshan helps himself to a pair – Jordan the man who sweeps up to prevent another boundary. That was a very good over from the hosts, and this partnership is giving them a very solid base on which to build – 63 runs they’ve notched together so far.

OVER 22 Sri Lanka 111/1 (Sangakkara 27* Dilshan 54*)
Ali continues to bowl well, and the Sri Lankans are struggling to get a read on it. The hosts can do no more than nick a couple of quick singles and that’s excellent stuff from Ali – the hosts’ momentum has been checked a little bit in the last half-hour or so.

OVER 21 Sri Lanka 109/1 (Sangakkara 26* Dilshan 53*)
Tredwell will be relived that we’re no longer in the powerplay, but Dilshan and Sangakkara are still looking to hit out against him. Tredwell’s flight isn’t quite right and the Sri Lankan’s pick up four singles, but that’s a good over from the Kent man, and should boost his confidence.

OVER 20 Sri Lanka 105/1 (Sangakkara 24* Dilshan 51*)
Moeen Ali bowling well, with a good line off-stump, and a touch quicker than what we’ve been used to. Very good over that, as England concede just the one run – back comes Tredwell after that 15-run over. Some character required from him here.

OVER 19 Sri Lanka 104/1 (Sangakkara 23* Dilshan 51*)
Sangakkara strokes it into the off-side for another single, as Sri Lanka keep calmly not going for unrealistic boundaries and trusting that the chnaces will come. Dilshan then brings up his half-century (off 59 balls) with a pair, and that takes us to drinks quite conveniently. That’s Dilshan’s eighth ODI 50 of the year incidentally. The match is nicely poised here – Sri Lanka looking like they could be heading for close to 300, but it’s a lovely pitch, and England should feel confident of a decent knock (weather permitting).

OVER 18 Sri Lanka 98/1 (Sangakkara 21* Dilshan 47*)
And almost as if they heard me, we have Moeen Ali bowling for the first time today. Sangakkara and Dilshan both steal singles off his first two deliveries, before Ali gets the ball to turn for the first time today. He then repeats the trick, and another delivery with a good line ends the over for the concession of four runs.

OVER 17 Sri Lanka 94/1 (Sangakkara 19* Dilshan 45*)
Still no Moeen Ali as (a now cap-less) Root bowls his fourth over. Dilshan eases one down the ground for a single before Sangakkara does likewise. Three more singles follow as Root ensures that little run of boundaries comes to an end.

OVER 16 Sri Lanka 89/1 (Sangakkara 16* Dilshan 43*)
A fizzing drive through extra cover from Sangakkara flies away for four, with Jordan looking annoyed at himself. Another clean strike from the Sri Lankan gets him a pair of runs, before Taylor parries Sangakkara’s drive to ensure it only goes for a single. Jordan settles back into his earlier rhythm and wnsures no more runs are given away in the over.

OVER 15 Sri Lanka 82/1 (Sangakkara 9* Dilshan 43*)
A loose ball from Root allows Dilshan to get Sri Lanka’s first boundary in a little while, but he’s frustarted with himself as he fails to find the gap from another pretty average Root delivery. That could have been worse for England that over, but Sri Lanka will be relieved to have got closer to their early run rate. A leg-side wide hands the hosts their other run of the over.

OVER 14 Sri Lanka 77/1 (Sangakkara 9* Dilshan 39*)
Greta stuff from Hales there to prevent a Dilshan four, as he slides over to scoop up the ball, before Morgan does well to stop another Dilshan howitzer flying away. Sangakkara then can’t get it past Gurney at mid-off, and the Sri Lankan’s timing is a little off as he can’t get any runs in the rest of the over. Good bowling from Jordan though (2.5 runs per over so far), and England seem to have cut out the lapses of concentration a little bit. Just 11 runs in the four overs since the powerplay.

OVER 13 Sri Lanka 74/1 (Sangakkara 9* Dilshan 36*)
Root concedes an early single to Sangakkara, and Dilshan claims one himself off a short delivery beofre some superb fielding in the dirt from Morgan prevents a potential Sangakkara boundary. A good end to the over ensures the hosts add just a couple to their tally in what is England’s best over of the day.

OVER 12 Sri Lanka 72/1 (Sangakkara 8* Dilshan 35*)
Chris Jordan replaces Gurney, and his first delivery is cut away but good fielding back on point prevents any more damage done. Jordan then tries to squeeze one through Dilshan but the batsman is alive to it and ekes out a single. Sangakkara on strike can only add one more run in the rets of the over after some good work in the field by Hales, and the hosts’ partnership is 17 runs from 24 balls.

OVER 11 Sri Lanka 70/1 (Sangakkara 7* Dilshan 34*)
Joe Root’s in to bowl for the the first time today, and helped by some excellent Morgan fielding makes a reasonable start as Sri Lanka fail to get a boundary in the over (a real rarity today). The hosts keep the scoreboard ticking over though with four more runs – Dislhan striking the ball with great authority and control.

OVER 10 Sri Lanka 66/1 (Sangakkara 5* Dilshan 32*)
Gurney, who is really playing for his World Cup place today, falls short again as Dilshan sticks it away to fine leg for another four but that’s the only blemish on an over which saw no other runs scored. England doing ok, but keep conceding boundaries towards the end of the overs, and it’s costing them. And that’s the end of the powerplay.

OVER 9 Sri Lanka 62/1 (Sangakkara 5* Dilshan 28*)
Sangakkara is in, and England will be desperate to kepe up the momentum here. A solid enough start to the over that includes some excellent fielding from Ali as Sangakkara gets his eye in with a single and then he opens up and rips away a four for his firts boundary – and you can see the pace of the pitch there, as the ball skidded away off the grass at a rate of knots. Just a little bit of width – that’s all Sangakkara needs as he flicks it through the covers for a lovely four.

OVER 8 Sri Lanka 55/1 (Sangakkara 0* Dilshan 26*)
James Taylor with some excellent fielding of the first two balls to turn what could have been a pair of fours into just a single run. Oh no, Jayawardene what have you done? He’s pinged it out to Woakes in the deep and he’s out in his final home appearance. Sad way for him to depart. What an ovation as he leaves the pitch though, and Gurney will take that as he desperately seeks to take some wickets and stake his World Cup claim.

Wicket WICKET! Jayawardene ct Woakes b Gurney for 28
OVER 7 Sri Lanka 53/0 (Jayawardene 27* Dilshan 26*)
Tredwell gets his first bowl of the day, replacing Woakes. A fine swing from Jayawardene on the first ball goes for a single, and has Dilshan back on strike. Beautiful shot from Dislhan as he steps in and hits a lovely inside-out shot away for a four, and he’s at it again with a chip over mid-on! And again! It’s gone for six this time! And the hosts are at the half-century mark. That was stunning from Dilshan – brutally dealing with Tredwell’s short deliveries.

OVER 6 Sri Lanka 38/0 (Jayawardene 26* Dilshan 12*)
Better first couple of deliveries from Gurney jam Dilshan before a full inside edge skids away for four – that’s pretty fortunate for the hosts, and unlucky for Gurney. The bowler recovers his poise well though and doesn’t concede another run, just the four runs for the hosts that over.

OVER 5 Sri Lanka 34/0 (Jayawardene 26* Dilshan 8*)
The hosts start the over with three singles as the run-rate slows, but another leg-side boundary from the departing hero Jayawardene has the crowd on their feet again. Another decent over from the hosts – once again the bowling has been ok in the main, but momentary lapses are costing England at the moment.

OVER 4 Sri Lanka 27/0 (Jayawardene 21* Dilshan 6*)
Good save from Morgan at backward point prevents a boundary but it’s still two runs off the first delivery. Then an outside edge flashes down for four, past Jordan at slip. That was a half-chance. Ali at third man then ensures the next delivery is just a single and Dilshan helps himself to one as Sri Lanka continue to tick along nicely with a 6.75 average.

OVER 3 Sri Lanka 19/0 (Jayawardene 14* Dilshan 5*)
Woakes bowling with no swing at all, and England are down to just one at slip. And what have we here? A yorker third ball as the hosts fail to score off the first three balls of the over. The fourth delivery is nice and straight, but it’s spoiled by another short delivery and Dilshan joins the party with his first boundary. Better final ball and it’s four runs in the over.

OVER 2 Sri Lanka 15/0 (Jayawardene 14* Dilshan 1*)
Left-arm Gurney takes over the new ball and with three fielders on the leg side, Dilshan gets up and running with a quick single. A short delivery then allows Jayawardene to smash away another four but Gurney’s length improves before Jayawardene helps himself to another four to finish the over. It’s an excellent pitch, and England bowling too short at the moment.

OVER 1 Sri Lanka 6/0 (Jayawardene 6* Dilshan 0*)
It’s a short and wide delivery first ball from Woakes and Jayawardene swots it away for four. Fuller deliveries on the next three stem the tide before a defensive push brings two. the over finsihes with another dot ball, and a solid start from England.

08.59 It’s Jayawardene and Dilshan opening for Sri Lanka, on a lovely looking morning in Colombo. Sri Lanka remember won the toss on what looks like a very inviting wicket.

08.54 There’s also uncertainty as to who will open with Dilshan for Sri Lanka – we’ll find out very soon though, with the action starting at 9. A reminder once again that today is Sangakkara and Jayawardene’s last matches at home – it promises to be an emotional farewell.

08.50 Ok, the befuddlement continues – it now seems that Ali will bat at No 2, Hales at 3 and Taylor down at 5 despite his good form batting at No 3. Very odd.

08.42 Confusion reigns in Colombo, as no-one can quite make sense of the decision to drop Bopara and to alter the batting order as England have done. Cook has said that Hales is coming in at the top of the order, which we assume means Moeen Ali at No 3 and James Taylor moving down the order. Can anyone explain that? Answers on a postcard please…

08.40 And now a more visually appealing representation of those teams…

08.35 Confirmation of the England team – Cook, Ali, Hales, Root, Taylor, Morgan, Buttler, Woakes, Jordan, Tredwell, Gurney. So Hales in, Bopara out – which is totally perplexing, while Finn is also out with Gurney coming in. For Sri Lanka Dilruwan Perera replaces fellow spinner Senanayaka in the hosts’ only change.

08.34 It’s a lovely morning in Colombo, and Sri Lanka win the toss, and elect to bat on what looks like a pretty inviting wicket. Captain Angelo Matthews hails Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardene, who play their last home internationals today, while Cook plays down losing the toss.

08.25 Hello, and welcome to today’s liveblog of the seventh and final ODI of the series between Sri Lanka. This is of course a dead rubber after Sri Lanka secured an unassailable 4-2 lead on Saturday. So, today will be about restoring a bit of pride for the tourists, and Alastair Cook proving he’s still the right man to be England’s captain.

Preview: It will be their last one-day international at home. For England, at 4-2 down, the seventh game of this series will be significant if they give Alex Hales and Ben Stokes a last chance to make runs. For Sri Lanka it is rather more momentous as Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardene bid farewell.

The pair are firm friends, co-owners of a restaurant called the Ministry of Crab, role-models, great batsmen and exemplars of a most handsome style. They have known each half their lives, but they got to know each other particularly well during a Test partnership of 624 they shared in Colombo, not against Bangladesh but South Africa – 624, the highest Test stand of all time.

They have done their best to prepare Sri Lanka for the future without them by ushering Angelo Mathews into the captaincy, but they remain the bulwark of the side, setting standards for the new generation. Anyone doubting that should have seen what happened to Kusal Perera, the young opener, in the fifth ODI against England at Pallekele.

An England righthander turned the ball straight to Perera at short fine-leg. There was not a run there – except Perera stayed rooted to his spot, like a portly Sunday afternooner, and waited for the ball to trickle to him, so there was a run. The two old pros, Sanga the keeper and Mahela at slip, were pictures of vexation. Perera was instantly dropped not only from the team but the squad. England are not alone in having fallen out with a KP.

Jayawardene was bred for the imperial purple. When he was barely in his teens, thousands would come to watch him bat in the prestigious school matches which have been the foundation of Sri Lanka’s success. If he has always been at his best in Colombo – more Test runs at the Sinhalese Sports Club ground than anyone else on any Test ground – he made a century that deserved to win the 2011 World Cup final in Mumbai.

Sangakkara made himself into a world-class cricketer with the strongest of minds. He had no thought of becoming a professional until he was walking through Colombo one day as a 20 year-old law student and invited to join Nondescripts CC. Law’s loss has also been the loss of all the bowling attacks around the world.

Sangakkara is the greater cricketer. He has made himself into the best batsman Sri Lanka has produced. If December continues to be as productive as the rest of 2014, he will set a record for the most international runs in a calendar year by the time Sri Lanka see the New Year in down under in New Zealand, beating Ricky Ponting.

Although he is now 37, Sangakkara is still a red-hot wicketkeeper, athletic when standing back, an electric eel standing up. The one area in which England have beaten Sri Lanka has been in fielding but that is no fault of Sangakkara’s.

It is almost unique for a cricketer now to bow out at the top: they just fade away on the T20 franchise circuit, slipping down from the IPL and Big Bash until they end up at Barisal Burners. Sangakkara is quitting white-ball cricket at his peak. All that remains is a couple of home Test series next year – and a couple of seasons with Surrey if they can accommodate that arrangement.

Sangakkara is staying on for a couple more Test series to ease the pain of transition. As Jayawardene has already retired from Tests, it would have left an unfillable hole at three and four if they had gone simultaneously. Jayawardene said yesterday he would play a bit of T20 franchise cricket in future then put something back.

The batting style which the Sri Lankan pair have exemplified can best be termed the style of narrow shoulders. If you are the bowler running in, or a television viewer, you can see their shapes at the crease are as narrow as can be, one shoulder behind the other through the stroke – not bottom-hand-dominant with the right shoulder taking over. Hence their strokes send the ball to the boundary on home outfields which are thick and grassy: their biomechanics are harmonious.

Chris Jordan reflected a little of the admiration which their opponents have grown to feel. Having dismissed Sangakkara a couple of times in this series, he said: “With the balls I did get him I worked to a plan with a change of pace after a few quicker balls. A nice scalp to have a few times.”

Jordan explained why the ball has not reverse-swung for England. “Guys are overly sweating a lot, and the outfields aren’t as harsh as they might seem. The last game was probably the only game we got it to go consistently.”

Jordan is also a very fine slip-catcher, but has a long way to go to match Jayawardene’s record. “There’s a lot of visualisation that goes on,” Jordan said. “When I do pull off a one-handed catch it’s something I’ve run over in my head before.”

Among the pair’s records, Jayawardene comes second in the all-time list of Test catchers with 205 catches in 149 Tests, behind Rahul Dravid with 210 in 164. But Jayawardene averaged more per game with 0.75 per Test innings.

Sangakkara and Jayawardene have been great cricketers all right, in front of the stumps and behind them.

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