Caught SANGA bowled MAHELA — A Rare Event at a Momentous Moment at Khettarama

MHELA KUMAR FAREWELL Mahela and Kumar in a Lap of Honour as they bid farewell to the Sri Lankan cricket fans in their last ODI match at home …

a MOMENT TO REMEMBER ……. even drowning out another remarkable moment: when they combined in the first time of their life in cricket to dismiss a batsman: JC Tredwell …….ct Sangakkara b. Jayawardene … 17 …..ending the  England innings way behind the Sri Lankan total.

After countless rounds of golf together, after momentous and magnificent partnerships together [inclusive of a record-breaking mammoth marathon at the SSC grounds against South Africa], these two machang would never have imagined that their cricketing union would be consummated in this manner.


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