Alastair Cook’s descent into absurdity

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ANDY BULL:There’s a line and that line was crossed here” – so said Alastair Cook after Sachithra Senanayake dismissed Jos Buttler while he was
backing up. He was quite right, of course. There is a line. It’s called the popping crease. And Buttler certainly crossed it, which is why he was out. As for the spirit of cricket, long-time readers will know my own feelings well enough by now. Suffice to say that by warning Buttler – twice – about the risks he was taking, the Sri
Lankans had already extended him a courtesy entirely unrequired by the Laws. If Mankading is really considered so objectionable by so many,
then it should be proscribed.

ASANGA W:What an absurd cry baby the usually sound Alastair Cook has been about this complete non-issue. Totally agree with Andy Bull …”

SACHITRA AND COOK Pic by Copley for Getty Images

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  1. Andy Sergie

    If Mankading is really objectionable then run-outs when the bat has not touched the grounds should not be allowed. Its just that the bat is an inch or less above ground but inside the crease!

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