Unique Pictures in ESSAYING CRICKET

01 Satha NOT Guilty

SATHA not guilty — standing beside his lawyer Colvin R de Silva


08 Palm Frond CricketPalm frond cricket in Malinga territory Pix by Emma Levine     10 Playg'd Ckt in Jaffna p86 Playground  cricket in Jaffna during the war years Pix by Emma Levine 


09 Playg'd Ckt Fort cricket Cricket within Galle Fort – Pix by Emma Levine 

21a.Galle Cricket Grounds after tsunami (a).jpg Cricket banished by the tsunami sea

21b. Galle Ckt Gds after tsunami

Tsunami for BackCover

SEE http://cricketique.live/2014/05/22/essaying-cricket-sri-lanka-and-beyond/#more-5245

01  GF Green 1890s natives “Natives” watching cricket on Galle Face Green in the 1890s”

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