The Australian Invincibles at various moments in Ceylon 1930 to 1953 — in pictorial mode

06 Bradman and SP Foenander, 1930 A young Don Bradman receives a replica of the Dalada Maligava from SP Foenander, Secretary of the Ceylon Cricket Association, on board ship in 1930 … photo courtesy of the State Library of South Australia where the gift now reposes.

auscric Australian & Ceylon teams, 1930-thanks to Hugh Karunanayake

09 Bradman & Sathasivam

Sathasivam and Bradman toss, at the Oval 27 March 1948 [it being understood that the Aussies would bat first come what may]

11 C'swamy beats Bradman, '48

Sathi Coomaraswamy gets past Bradman’s bat, with Ben Navaratne right up there.

Aussies on board ship at Tilbury, II

Australian Invincibles of 1948 on board ship at Tilbury Docks, London

Arthur Morris walks back to the pavilion, at the Oval, 30 March 1953                                   

Morris at Oval, '53Hassett at Oval, 53

Lindsay Hassett and Don Tallon walk back in

Benaud at Oval, '53

Richie Benaud strides back after being ct and bowled by Bartels for 7 runs

FOR DETAILED MATCH SCORES of the Australian matches, as well as accounts in 1948 and 1953 by Jack Fingleton, Bill O’Reilly and Learie Constatnine, see Michael Roberts and Alfred James, Crosscurrents. Sri Lanka and Australia at Cricket, Sydney, Walla Walla Press, 1998.

contact = Michael Roberts AT


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