Another Day, Another T20 Final — A Poem froma Cricket Tragic

Sanjiva Senanayake, October 2012

Chris GayleOff to Khetta, at last the big day’s here

Optimists all, with neither doubt nor fear.

Through the dust and heat, we were quick on our feet

As Eau de Canal escorted us to our seats.

It was packed with everyone’s brother and sister

The Papare bands made our eardrums blister

As far away from Lord’s as cricket ever goes

The sound and the sweat filled all of our pores.

We lost the toss, but is that really news?

We practised, tried Sanga; it’s no bloody use.

Sammy’s grin gleamed and lit up where we sat

“OK, maan” he said, “we’ll first have a bat”.

Gayle, the billa, did sweet nothing in his inning

But when he fell we thought we were winning.

Their own cool time the Windies were taking

It seemed we had a Test match in the making.

When young Mendis bowled, they played French cricket.

We thought it was worth what we paid for the ticket.

After ten of their twenty they were just thirty two

Then Mahela tossed the ball to you-know-who.

We were smirking “how the mighty have fallen”

When out of history stepped a freak called Marlon

Twenty one runs in six – quite a work-over

Wisely Mahela pulled the speed down next over

But wait a minute! What the …? My God ! Aho!

He has given our man Malinga another go.

The Met department had goofed once again

It was not dainty drops but balls that rained.

One hundred and five in their second ten!

But it’s OK we have eleven good men,

And we are playing at home, just hear that roar

Play normal cricket and we’ll gallop home, no?

The first over started, there was a ‘zing’ and a ‘splat’

Did anyone actually see Dilshan bat?

Sanga lobbed softly to a man near the pickets

A very low, slow bouncer hit Angelo’s wickets.

After Mahela’s cute little reverse sweep missed

Jeevan and Thisara ran as if they were pissed.

As we started steadily going down the pallang

The Windies were dancing their disgusting Gangnam.

Screaming “Mage ammo, what’s up with our side”

Desperate fans searched for a quick pesticide.

Should we be distraught? Well, just a chooty bit.

“We had our game plan, just couldn’t execute it”

While our captain mouthed the ritual “Sorry, ah!”

The Windies rubbed in chillie with that jig from Korea

mAHELA'S SCOOPConsistency has always been our guiding motto

Always a bit short when at the finish-photo

We once again proved what in our hearts we knew

When it comes to Finals, Lanka’s ‘Number Two’

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