India as Cricketing Goliath that is yet Dinosaur

Quote of the day from Ramesh Thakur: “In rejecting the use of the best available technology to assist umpires and rectify the few mistakes they make, the BCCI has also shown itself to be a dinosaur. In effect, the BCCI position is: technology cannot guarantee 100 per cent accuracy, so we will stay with 80 per cent accuracy rather than move to 90 per cent.”

Web Editor: I have welcomed the DRS system from its first inception and cannot understand the argument sof such dinosaurs as bRad Hoog who pine for the return of the ‘human element” –their euphemism for retatingin old ways — in this particualr sphere. Again, my evaluation of Sachin Tendulkar as cricketing great will be severely constrained by the fact that he is said to be one of the forces who have resisted the DRS in the Indian cricketing world view (grapevine information).

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  1. India trying to rule by refusing UDRS

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