Kushil and Murali reach out for FOG in Los Angeles

There was fund raising event in LOS ANGELES on the 13th August for FOG organised by a cross-ethnic body of Sri Lankans with Murali and Kushil as stars; and I received this note from Naj Nagendran, one of the chief organisers:

 Pic of Kushil and MuralI with American college students and Helen Brohier ( FoG, pre-school head) who volunteered at the event

“Michael, The event was successful – 530 attended. Aravinda De Silva and Sanath Jayasuriya joined Murali in LA. Kushil was as usual impressive in showcasing what has been achieved in Seenigama and the progress so far in the Mankulam project. His appeals for funds was well received and excess of $ 200,000 in donations is expected. Murali was very passionate   in his appeal for the Northern project

 They are heading to San Fransisco for similar fundraising events.'” NAGE

 Pic of Kushil with Carl Strecker ( movie producer) who has visited Seenigama post tsunami with medical team and producer of latest  FoG video

 This video is a must see … and must circulate to friends who are not buried in the caverns of bitterness and anger that disable them fromseeing any progress in sri Lanka. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egUNMCg-izM&feature=related

Do also visit the FOG sie for reports on what is being done, step by step, at Mankulam. SEE http://foundationofgoodness.org/m-sectors_north.php. I have jsut got a report from Anura de Silva re the Third Training Camp at Mankulam Maha Vidyalayam –repeat vidyalayam — where training was provided for 12 girls in netball, 22 and 15 boys in cricket and volleyball respectively.

The following are the web references for the Mankulam reports/pics.


* http://www.unconditionalcompassion.org/sub/201100614_fristever.php

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