Nishantha Ranatunga drops a sitter

Courtesy of theIsland, 8 August 2011

There seems to be nothing going right these days for the beleaguered former Secretary of the Sri Lanka Cricket Interim Committee, Nishantha Ranatunga. In the aftermath of the ICC Cricket World Cup, allegations of corruption mounted on the former cricket officials, including Nishantha, and recently he was under fire after his claims saying the ICC had issued a letter stating Sri Lanka was the best of the three host countries of the World Cup that were eventually denied by the ICC itslef. Yesterday he turned up for an inter-media softball cricket match of a tournament named Asi Disi, held at the Shalika Grounds in Colombo and our staff photographer Nishan S. Priyantha captured (as shown in the combo picture above) yet another embarrassing moment for Nishantha; this time the former Sri Lanka Test player missing a ‘sitter’ from a batsman of the Lak FM team. Ranatunga played for Carlton Sports Network team which lost the match.

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