Nick Plaisters, an Aussie cricket-traveller extraordinary

I introduce readers to NICK PLAISTER a cricket traveller extraordinary from down under. We touched base as opposing fans at the Premadasa Staidum in a corporate box where Nick was outgunned by Sri Lankans and Britons backing Lanka in the match against Australia. He is the bloke on the right with a star on his banianshirt. Nick, however, takes his minority status in Asian cricket fields in his stride. He has travelled widely in the subcontinent and ahs a website to prove it. Visit that domain for images if you are so inclined:

You will also learn that he sees himself thus: “Nick is a cricket-tragic who loves travelling.  Apart from the 2011 World Cup, he has been to a party at Brian Lara’s house in Trinidad (1999), saw Herschelle Gibbs drop the World Cup at Headingley (1999), and made the front page of a newspaper inMelbournefor his (harmless) shenanigans in Chennai (2001).  He is married to his lovely wife Issy, who hails fromPublin,Ireland.  They both love pubs. Issy can be credited for giving Nick an SLR for his Turty Turd birthday, although he has always loved photography. They live inMelbournewith their furry little moggy friend Bushie.  Nick completed his undergraduate inHobart,Tasmania, where he was born and bred (not born inbred) and after stints living inLondon,Edinburgh,CanadaandDublin, he moved back to Aussie to complete a Master of Tourism inMelbourne. He does not work in tourism, but spends a lot of money on it. He works in finance, but hopes one day his tourism expenses will somehow magically finance themself.”

 What he does not tell you is that he mixes wine with his criCket and travel. We will have to wait for some time for his website to show how precisely he will merge these interests. But, in the meantime, look at a few of his images of cricket in Asia here… and then move to his site if so inclined.

105 – Celebrations for a 50 at the Royal Thomian schoolboy match

 158 – Mount Lavinia Beach, Colombo                             

 164  – Marina Beach, Chennai


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