Kumar Sangakkara admits the gospel truth

Daily Mirror, 23 March 2011

Sri Lankan cricket captain Kumar Sangakkara yesterday made yet another conscience remark as he exposed what journalists had long believed to be stage-managed media functions. Sangakkara, who is also aspiring a career in Law, disclosed that what cricketers told journalists was far from the truth and reality. “What we say at press conferences are prepared answers to your questions. If not for our contracts (with Sri Lanka Cricket) press conferences will be much more interesting”, Sangakkara said at the launch of a book titled “From rags to Riches” written by journalist Rex Clementine.

Under so-called player contracts, cricketers in Sri Lanka are kept under lock and key for reasons best known to their employer, in this case Sri Lanka Cricket, which compels them to duck under reporters or provide inconclusive answers to public questions In his keynote address to mark the occasion, Sangakkara noted with remorse that cricketers in Asia consider themselves to be “above all other mortals” which he said was unbecoming of their obligations as model citizens.

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