West Indies master Sri Lanka in Galle

As the West Indies with Chris Gayle in commanding touch, smash, grind and niggle Sri Lanka’s cricketers down during the First Test match in Galle, they had three intrepid fans cheering them on during the first day: Michael the Canadian from Calgary is the extrovert one; Ian from Cornwall and Verity from Adelaide were the supporting hands. They clearly favour the principle that one should not stand with the mass. Rather stand with the underdog –even when he stands tall with over 200 runs under his belt.

Not that there was a mass of people watching the match; but the  sprinkling few were presumably mostly Sri Lankan in spirit. Note, however, that as I wondered around part of the ground on the second day I spooted quite a number of europeans here and there. Tom an dLucie in the stands of the Galle Cricket Club turned out to be scousers from Liverpool and afcianados of the game, cricket tha is, not soccer though that was one of their interests tooas supporters of Everton.

West Indies prepare

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