Murali Portraits for Sale

18 April 2010

JOE HOAD has two signed IMAGES of MURALI for sale, both originals.

  1. Charcoal Etching by Joe signed by Murali  Size = A 3
  2. Pastel Colour Painting by Joe also signed by Murali — no copies available. Size = A3

Neither is framed at the moment and we consider it advisable for the Buyer to undertake this task to his/her taste. We expect a decent sum for each. The money is for JOE who is now in the twilight of his career and in greater need than either Murali or most of us.

Please send your bid for A and/or B with details of your email, postal address and telephone number to the following email address:


Note that you will also have to allow for the cost of packing (bubble bags) and freight if they are not in Adelaide or Australia – indeed air freight if outside Australia.



Michael Roberts

Joe Hoad in the Sri Lankan engine room Adelaide Oval in early 2003, courtesy of invitation from Ajit Jayasekera, Manager, who took this photograph.

 More photographs can be found in Roberts, Essaying Cricket (Colombo, Yapa Publications, 2006). Note that in mid-1996 Joe Hoad turned up at a Sri Lankan gathering with two paintings marking Sri Lanka’s victory over the Australians at the World Cup in Lahore, one of Arjuna gliding the winning shot and another of Arjuna holding the Cup aloft. Both were painted in celebratory joy as unsolicited gift.

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