David and Cathy Cruse and THE KNOX TAVERN bid adieu

Knox Tavern 005= GIDEON ++The Knox Tavern in Wantirna South Melbourne has been a tavern and function centre that was a Sri Lankan hearth for many of our cricketers. It was a labour of love by David and Cathy Cruse for several decades. However, they have now discarded their gloves and pads, bats and balls, et cetera in order to move towards well-earned retirement. Their short parting note of farewell is a poignant moment for many Sri Lankans in the Aussie circuit. We wish them well and hope to bang into them in many a cricket field and around the traps in the lush green land of Lanka. The responses they received from several Sri Lankans mark the goodwill and friendship they secured. Michael Roberts

From David Cruse,

Dear Friends,

After 35 years in the Hospitality Industry, I have decided it’s time to move on. I would like to thank everyone for their support over the past decades, not only for their dedication to The Knox Tavern, but also for their generosity in all our fundraising events. The passion and commitment you have all shown me, proves there are a lot of good people in this world.

A time comes in every journey where you must choose which road to take,  I have reached a crossroad and have now decided it is time to take a different direction in life.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart and am proud to call you a friend.

David A. Cruse

from Bill Deutrom…………Hi David and Cathy, We will miss you both in Melbourne but knowing you guys your good works will continue. The work you have done on behalf of the Sri Lanka community in Australia and in Sri Lanka and also the Australian community has been without parallel. You have never looked for acknowledgement or kudos. We salute you for your generosity and goodwill. To me it has been a pleasure and privilege to count you as friends and I know that whatever you do will be successful as it will be done with integrity and passion. You are a great team and you have the best wishes of my family and all those who know you.
With warm regards

Bandula Warnapura……..Dear David, You are a great man and you will know as to what is good for you and family. One thing I know for sure, whatever you do you will be successful as you are a kind hearted good man who is willing to provide assistance to friends, game of cricket and country.

On behalf of players  and Sri Lanka Cricket, let me thank you very deeply for all what you did for the players who visited Australia for surgery and to play cricket. This was before 2008 when I was with SLC and I have not even met you in person. After 2008 I got the opportunity to meet you in Malaysia on many occasions  and notice the support you are giving to promote cricket. I know that I have failed to full fill the  promise that I have given on your kind  invitation extended, ‘visiting you to watch the ‘Boxing day Test’. Anyway let’s see.

Our blessings are with you all ways, just keep going.

Best of wishes to you, Cathy and family.

Kushil Gunasekera …. Dear David, Change is the only permanent factor that we can predict for certain in our lives and we need to embrace it graciously which is how you have accepted and wisely so.

On behalf of the Foundation of Goodness let us place on record your relentless effort to initiate countless number of fund raising events with the help of all your friends which positively impacted the lives of rural villagers in desperate circumstances to make better progress because of your caring nature, kindness and selfless giving.

 The same goes to Cathy without whom the results would not have been the same.

 We recall with heartfelt gratitude the ceaseless opportunities you created post Tsunami for the well being of those traumatized to enhance their quality of life and to me your Knox hospitality enterprise was the heartbeat of all our operations in Melbourne as we hold many fond memories being able to lend a helping hand to stand up and deliver owing to the collective generosity of all the Sri-Lankan’s rallying around you to make it all happen.

 You can be proud of what you and Cathy did along with the rest of the supporters always concerned for the well being of those in real need. At the very end of our life it is not about possessions, prestige, positions or power that counts rather goodness, humility, character and service which is how I wish to remember you as a tribute to someone so special.

 May you continue to be blessed in abundance to experience good fortune.

 The beauty of life depends on how happy others are because of us which you demonstrate amply and please consider me at your disposal any time especially on your rerun to homeland since gratitude is the best attitude!

 With every good wish

Ron Meerwald ….. Dear David, Cathy & Family, One of the highlights of my life was meeting you and your family. The generosity and selflessness that you guys have shown when other needs it, it’s inspirational to one and all and it has made me a better person.

Thank you for your Friendship dus far and as we grow into a better feature you can count on me to support you whatever you decided to do.

On behalf of Shabi, Gaelan & Alesia – we will never forget the days & the good time at Knox Tavern!

Cheers My Friend and all the very best!!!
Kind Regards,

Don Susantha Katugampala………Thank you David. Thank you for great hospitality by you and Cathy extend at all times and the support given to home by supporting Sri Lankan Cricket. Not only the Sri Lankan Cricketers, everyone of Sri Lankan origin Will remember that for ever and grateful for your contribution. 

 We can only wishing your genuinely and sincerely for greater milestones in the years to come. All the very best.  Best Regards, 

 Virosh …..Hi David you were great ambassador for the Sri Lankan community. You took  pride in what you did for the community. 

I have worked with you many occasion they all ended up in true spirit of commitment and dedication. You will be missed by the community for sure. 

Thank you for helping me out specially when we started the Serendib news. 

God bless you and Cathy & the kids. Kind regards 


Knox Tavern 003 Knox Tavern 001 Knox Tavern 002 Sanga, Quintus and Kushil addressing a gathering at Knox Tavern

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