Lasith Malinga’s Hair Style: Roots

Michael Roberts

Lasith Malinga hails from Ratgama, a village locality in the southwest corner ofSri Lankawhich has a fearful reputation for toughness. Perhaps it is because he has been schooled in the give and take of this life, or maybe because he is just amiable Sri Lankan, Malinga smiles when a batsman thrashes him. What a pleasant contrast to the typical Aussie pacemen who snarl, stare  or indulge in verbal intimidation when thus treated —- or even when they have kept the batsmen quiet.

But Malinga is also atypical Lankan in his coiffeur and its showmanship. His hair-do is also quite a contrast from the looks he sported as a teenager. but there is room to argue that it is typical Sri Lankan too and typical Galle area native in its inspirations. The Galle District within which Ratgama lies is renowned for its coir industry. Coconuts are soaked in water-pits prior to their husking and conversion into fibre for use in a range of products. In an inspired surmise one Sri Lankan twigged that it was the coconut husk that promoted Malinga’s hairstyle. He sought proof. He found proof. So, voila, look at this native scene from the Galle area as visual proof.


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    Very nice Mali He’s good boy

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    Good one!

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