Hilal rebuts yet another branding of Murali as a “chucker”

Web Editor: It would seem that the world is not rid of incorrigible cricket enthusiasts who are attached to their two dimensional assessments of Muralitharan’s bowling action. The Malcolm Conn’s and Patrick Smiths of this world point to a staunch Australian ‘army’ who remain in their medieval world of dogmatic opinion. But is rather a surprise that Sri Lanka ahs produced its own version of Bishen Bedi in the form of one Roy Bishop from Moratuwa.

 Bishop had the temerity to write an article entitled “Can chucking be stoped” and to send it to “various news agencies, journalist, ICC officials, officials of other Test playing countries, and Sri Lankan cricketers both past and present” (quoting Hilal). His letter can be read in

Riding Murali’s coattails to fame

Hilal Suhaib in http://www.islandcricket.lk/blogs/hilal/77730096/riding-muralis-coattails-roy-bishop-muttiah-muralitharan-chucking

Hilal Suhaib provides us with an important essay which deals with Bishop’s opinions in a measured a yet devastating manner. In particular he contends that bishop’s “theory of using Performance Analysis Software, or even a super slow motion camera to determine if a bowler is chucking is inane.” He urges us view a video he has attached, namely “a three dimensional (3D) reconstruction of Muttiah Muralitharan’s bowling action.” He adds: “The same 3D reconstruction generated by several sensors placed all over Muralitharan’s body in April 2004 at the University of Western Australia. It is perhaps the first time ever that these moving images have been made available to the public via the World Wide Web.”

 One of his punch lines is a definitive quotation from an university graduate in the natural sciences from Durham University, one Nasser Hussain: ““All tests on Murali have shown his action to be within the legal limits and this matter should now be put to bed,” former England skipper, Nasser Hussein, said in his reply to Mr. Bishop’s email.”

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